10 Best Gun Tattoo Designs For Men

Best Gun Tattoo Designs For Men

Tattoo has become a very important style accessory for men now a day. Modern men are often seen to have some kind of tattoo in their body. That is why the market is flooded with hundreds of tattoo designs. A tattoo not only stands for physical beauty it also reflects the psychology of the person who wears it. Gun tattoos are one of the very popular tattoo designs. A Gun not only stands for personality, courage and manliness but it also gives a sense of safety and security to the wearer of this tattoo. This also can be mentioned that in countries like US keeping guns for security is one of the fundamental rights for the citizens.

Places In The Body Where A Gun Tattoo Is Done

As the gun is a horizontal thing that is why a gun tattoo is usually done in flat places like arms, shoulder, back and stomach.

Here Are 10 Very Popular Gun Tattoo Designs For Men

1. Old Fashions Gun Tattoo Designs

There are some people who like to go the old fashioned way in everything they do or wear. For those there are designs of old muskets and pistols available in gun tattoo market.

Old Fashions Gun Tattoo Designs

2. Gun Tattoo On Fingers Or Fist

As told earlier this kind of tattoo is mostly done in places like arms, shoulder, back or stomach. But it can be done in a small size in fingers also. A clenched fist forms the whole picture of the gun tattoo.

Gun Tattoo On Fingers Or Fist

3. Patriotic Gun Tattoos

For people who like to have a patriotic feeling for his country wear M16 gun tattoos. Sometimes with a military hat on the butt of an upside down M16 rifle is also seen. M16 rifle is the most common weapon that is used by the military in countries like US.

Patriotic Gun Tattoos

4. Tribal Gun Tattoo Designs

For men who like tribal art and designs, gun tattoos mixed with beautiful and attractive tribal arts are available in the market. This kind of gun tattoo stands for great taste.

Tribal Gun Tattoo Designs

5. AK47 Gun Tattoo Designs

Ak47 is one of the most popular fire weapons that is used around the world. For this reason AK47 gun tattoos of different shapes and sizes are very common in gun tattoo market today.

AK47 Gun Tattoo Designs

6. Criss-Cross Gun Tattoo Designs

Like single gun gun tattoos with two guns criss-cross each other with barrels upward are very popular and common in the market also.

Criss-Cross Gun Tattoo Designs

7. Guns With Rose Tattoos

Red rose tattoos stand for love, grace, femininity. For men who have a soft heart or have fallen in love deeply with someone sometimes do this rose tattoos on him coupled with one gun or two guns. This kind of mixed tattoos stand for great beauty or taste also.

Guns With Rose Tattoos

8. 3D Gun Tattoo Designs

This kind of gun tattoos are designed in such a way that it show great 3 dimensional depth in it. It looks great in the body. Tattoo artists prefer to do this kind of tattoo arts on the client.

3D Gun Tattoo Designs

9. Gun Tattoos With Cross And Rosary

There are gun tattoos coupled with with cross and rosary are also available in the market. These are for people who are in favor of Biblical or divine justice.

Gun Tattoos With Cross And Rosary

10. Skull With Gun Tattoo Designs

This is a common theme for gun tattoo designs. But as the image of the human skull always represents negative thoughts(it stands for destruction and death also) therefore this kind of gun tattoo designs are better to be avoided. People who stand against society wear gun tattoos with skull images.

Skull With Gun Tattoo Designs

So you have a likeness for tattoo art. Thinking of wearing a gun tattoo on the body. Read the list given here and choose carefully from it.