10 Best Sports In Summer

Summer season is the best time for outdoor activities. Adult and children get to spend time together and can indulge in various kinds of summer sports. Summer sports can be adventurous, exhilarating and pleasurable.

10 Best Sports in Summer


Playing Volley ball at sea side in summer is the most pleasurable experience. You can take your friends along and make a team which will add to the fun. You can also play boys versus girls or make a mixed team to heighten the excitement.

Sports In Summer


Swimming is an excellent summer sport as well as the perfect way to keep fit during summers. Swimming is relaxing and rejuvenating. It is also a good way of spending time with your family.

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You can join a club where they have pool facility and take your family and friends for this summer sport.

Water Skiing

If you are one of the adventurous and courageous types then water skiing is for you. It is a daring and exhilarating water sport which gives you the most thrilling experience of your life.

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Water Polo

Water polo is a team sport where you need to have two teams. It is played in a swimming pool. Water Polo is an interesting summer sport which keeps you away from the heat and gives you a workout at the same time.

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Wind Surfing

Wind surfing is an entertaining summer sport. It is a combination of surfing and sailing. It needs careful manoeuvring of the surf board on which a sail is fixed. Wind Surfing is adventurous as well as an exciting summer sport and you can enjoy doing it alone.

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Skate Boarding

Skate boarding is a thrilling summer sport. Youngsters find it more enjoyable. Skate boarding needs careful balancing on the board and you get the hang of it by regular practice.

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You can do Skate boarding in your drive way or in the street. You have to be careful about the traffic.

Roller Skating

Like Skate boarding, Roller Skating can also be done anywhere. You only need to have a good pair of roller skates. You can even join a skating rink, if it exists in your city.

Roller skating is an enjoyable summer sport. You can add a lot of variety to your skating skills. You can even participate in Roller Skating events which are organised during summers.

Martial Arts

Different types of Martial Arts can be taken up as summer sport to keep fit and to learn self defence techniques. It involves a lot of strength, coordination and mental discipline which helps to boost your performance in other spheres of life.

10 Best Sports In Summer

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is done more for fun as summer sport. You have to be mentally and physically fit to be able to stay under water. Scuba diving is exhilarating and it brings you closer to nature.

best ten Sports In Summer

You can discover amazing underwater secrets while indulging in scuba diving.

Base Ball

Base Ball is a team summer sport. It is fun, exciting and challenging. You can play with a game of base ball with your kids or friends during warm summer evenings to rewind and destress yourself.

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