10 Facts You Should Know About Hair Gels

Hair gels are a commonly used product to ensure your hair remains your crowning glory. Hair gels have the ability to style hair in a way that suits your personality, the occasion and the attire you wear. They come in different forms, colors and fragrances and are available to both men and women across the world.

Millions of men use the product generously to make a style statement that is unique and fashionable. But before you make a purchase of this product, it is better to be educated on important facts; facts that are specific to hair gels.

10 Facts You Should Know About Hair Gels

10 Facts You Should Know About Hair Gels

Several Types

Hair gels are of different types. While all of them guarantee to hold your hair in a way that you style it, not all promise hair or scalp health. It is not surprising if you begin to lose hair with repeated usage of a hair gel. Many times, you may commit the mistake of buying hair styling gels that are priced low. Low or average priced gels do not condition your hair. But high priced quality products enrich hair since they come with hair vitamins that promote hair growth and shine.

Watch Out For Chemicals

Almost all personal care products contain chemicals of some form or the other. Hair gels are no exception to this fact. In fact, they contain a lot more. Check out the label, the next time you purchase a hair gel, for certain chemicals. These include isopropyl alcohol, petrolatum, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfate, diethanolamine, carcinogenic fragrances and formaldehyde. These chemicals besides damaging the quality of hair cause hair fall, respiratory issues, skin disorders, cancers, depression and even fatal illnesses.


Many hair styling gels contain alcohol. Alcohol can dry off moisture from hair and scalp resulting in luster less hair. Although small concentration of alcohol is inherent, products containing higher concentrations should be avoided.

Hair Loss

There is no connection between hair gels and hair loss but if you are using a low quality product with chemicals, you will end up losing hair.

How To Apply

To observe good hair styling results, hair gel must be applied only during certain times. Towel-dry your hair and apply gel when it is damp. Applying gel to wet hair does not permit it to stick to your hair and offers poor results. Do not massage gel on scalp; instead gently rub into hair.

Styling Approach

Hair styling is determined depending upon the nature of gel purchased. Styling approaches are varied and can include sculpting, scrunching, molding and freezing.

10 Facts You Should Know About Hair Gels

Chemical Composition

Although hair gels contain several kinds of chemicals; they are enriched with hair vitamins to nourish hair and scalp. These products contain PVPs that are polymers. These polymers bind gel only to your hair without affecting hair shaft. Poor quality products may not have this ability and hence affect hair growth.

Natural Components

Natural ingredients in personal care products are always the best option to look for. Buy hair gels that contain ingredients in the likes of rosemary, jojoba, aloe vera and chamomile.


Good quality hair gels enrich your hair but it is important for hair to be in its natural environment. Hence, it is recommended not to use hair gels everyday or very frequently. This prevents hair from breathing freely.

Kind Of Products

Most importantly, do your research before making a purchase. A bad product has the ability to cause severe irreparable damages. Hair is an important aspect of grooming and there is nothing more beautiful than healthy and shining hair.

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