10 Fastest Ways To Get Fat

Gaining fat is usually much easier than losing fat. However, those who really want to gain fat it may seem difficult for them as for some reason they remain lean and thin always. Rather than trying to gain fat you should concentrate on gaining healthy weight. Healthy fat gain is always good for your overall health in the long run.

Through healthy fat gain you can maintain ideal weight without looking very thin or overweight. You will have more energy and you can maintain overall fitness by using the following tips.

How To Get Fat

More Intakes Of Calories

It goes without saying that the primary requirement for getting fat fast is to take in calories in more amounts. Many men have a tendency to remain lean during their early years and no amount of food intake may seem to add fat to their bodies.

10 Fastest Ways To Get Fat

But the same men after few years may be working hard to lose fat as then however less they may eat the body keeps growing on all sides. You must take enough calories to build muscle mass and boost metabolism which gets reduced with age.

Don’t Lose Out On The Nutrients

Make a diet plan that gives you enough protein, carbohydrates and calories but essential nutrients are also absolutely required for getting fat fast. Without proper nutrients your body will not function properly and rather than gaining fat you may lose more. Therefore, eating a balance diet is more essential as it will give you the perfect balance by supplying whatever your body is lacking to store fat.

Balance Carbohydrates With Lean Protein

10 Fastest Ways To Get Fat

Take more carbohydrate rich foods which will induce your body to store more fat. But balance this with lean protein as you want fat gain in proper limits and not to become obese or overweight.

Take Frequent Meals

Taking frequent meals will also assist in getting fat faster. Take whole grains, protein drinks, starch, vegetables and good helpings of dairy products. Consider taking cheese, butter and milk which isn’t skimmed.

Take Any Kind Of Nuts

10 Fastest Ways To Get Fat

Nuts are storehouses of calories and you can munch away peanuts, almonds and cashews anytime while watching television or during short breaks from work. You can make your salads more exciting by adding pine nuts and thus you gain fat in a healthy way.

Don’t Skip Breakfast But Cram It With Mouth Watering Foods

Breakfast shouldn’t be skipped and you can take in calories through pancakes, smoothies, eggs and French toast. This way you make way for fast fat gain while helping yourself to remain active throughout the day.

Take More Animal Protein

10 Fastest Ways To Get Fat

Consider taking more of animal protein as these are storehouses of calories and can help you to get fat fast. If you are a vegetarian consider taking soy which is no less in protein content than animal protein. Animal protein and soy are rich in essential nutrient as well.

Consider Peanut Butter Or Almond Butter

Switch to peanut butter or almond butter which is not only delicious but also gives you boost of easy and fast fat gain.

Take Stir Fried Foods

10 Fastest Ways To Get Fat

Rather than taking deep fried foods which are unhealthy means of getting fat consider taking stir fried foods in healthy oil.

Sleep After Taking Meal

Sleeping almost immediately after taking your meal will help the body to store fat as during sleep you hardly burn any calorie.

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