10 Food That Boost Metabolism Naturally

Food That Boost Metabolism Naturally

Metabolism plays an important role in burning fat in the body. People with good metabolic rate tend to accumulate less fat and have moderate body weight. As the age increases metabolic rate starts reducing. With the reduced metabolism, body starts to store calories acquired by the food in the form of fat and that in turn increases a person’s body weight. This excess of weight leads to various diseases. It thus becomes very important to boost metabolism so that fat does not gets stores in the body and you remain healthy always. There actually various foods that by eating spikes up the metabolism, trigger fat releasing hormones and eliminate toxins thus making you shed unwanted pounds. Also note that these foods need to be consumed in adequate amounts and as a part of a well-balanced diet. Eating them in bulk can cause harm to the body.

Here Are Some Foods That Helps In Increasing The Metabolism With The Increasing Age


It has photonutrient sulforaphane which stimulates an enzyme that increases body’s metabolic rate and helps in burning fat cells. It helps in promoting necessary fibers to the body that assists in metabolism.



It has mono-saturated fat plumps and fat burning hormones that helps in damaging free radicals, boosting metabolism and rapid burning of fat. It is also rich in calcium that helps body to metabolize fat more quickly and efficiently.



These nuts help in binding the toxins that are stored by the body in the form of fat cells and cellulite. Walnuts are good anti-oxidants and have lots of useful amino acids that keep your metabolism stoked. They are also high in protein and vitamin D content. With these properties it is very good for heart.


Flax seeds

These seeds are rich in Omega -3 fat fiber and protein. It reduces fat by turns on glucagon, a fat burning hormone and increases the metabolism of the body. Consuming a handful of flex seeds on a regular basis helps in activating thyroid hormone to foster metabolism. It helps in cutting off abdominal fat from the body. These seeds are also beneficial for maintain adequate cholesterol levels in the body.



Water is very important for the body. It is a good detoxification agent. Water helps in digestion, body purification, cooling agent and improving metabolic rate of the body. If you are little bit dehydrated then it can lead to slowing down of your metabolism. Thus for a good metabolism, it is always suggested to drink water 12 to 14 glass of cold water daily which makes your body utilize more calories to warm it up.

Drinking Sufficient Water


They are the good source of zinc that helps in increasing the rate of metabolism and faster burning of calories in the body. It has chemical compound that significantly kicks off the metabolism into higher gear. Besides its metabolism benefits, it is also a great source of essential vitamins and minerals.


Coconut Oil

It is considered to be rich in triglycerides which are used by the body for energy requirements. It is a good metabolism booster and shows great loss in abdominal fat. Coconut Oil is very popular in southern parts of the country. You can try to include in your daily diet by cooking food in this oil.

Coconut Oil


This is mostly used in Indian kitchens as an aromatic spice and flavoring agent in the food. It aids metabolism by helping glucose to move into the cells rapidly. This also helps in managing insulin levels of the body.



It stimulates adrenaline hormone in the body which send signals for burning fat. Make your coffee with less milk as milk reduces the metabolic rate to some extent. As per the study it is found that the average rate of metabolism of people who drink without coffee milk is 16 percent more than that of those who add milk in it.

Asian Palm Civet’s Coffee

Whole Grains

Whole wheat grains are proved to improve the metabolism of a person. Studies show that our body burns twice the amount of calories by breaking down whole grains foods. These foods are rich in fiber content. These whole grain foods are oatmeal, brown rice etc. than processed foods.

Whole Grains

Though a person’s metabolism is governed by genetics but you can boost it up using natural ways. There are certain foods that have a got very high thermogenic effect that helps you scorch calories by chewing them. Include these foods in your diet to increase body’s fat-burning power. They contain beneficial nutrients and compounds that stoke a person’s metabolic fire. One must feed themselves with these foods on regular basis.