10 Home Remedies For Water Retention In Your Body

Home Remedies For Water Retention

Water retention is medically known as edema. This happens when your body tissues hold more water or fluid in their parts developing swelling in the parts.There are other factors that are responsible for retention of water are improper blood flow, heart issues, high amount of sodium, allergies, vitamin deficit, pregnancy, tension, liver diseases, menstruation, kidney disorder, thyroid problem, high blood pressure. You can also get the problem from more consumption of alcohol, hormonal imbalance, and changes in lifestyle, more intakes of salt and sugar. The water is stored in excess in the following parts; ankles, feet, leg and hand. The indications of water retention are; Feeling scratchy, waking up with inflated eyelids, bloated face.

These Are Home Remedies For Water Retention

Take More Water

To many this may be a surprise. Taking more water means you are on a right path in preventing storing of water in your body. Take 8 glasses of water at regular interval. You can take purified water.

Drink Plenty of Water

Reduce Salt In Diet

Salt has qualities to store water and it obstructs water tissues. So reduce salt consumption in your diet for 3 days. You will be in for a surprise as the parts mentioned above retains its original condition. When you say no to salt, you can take spices and herbs.


Cut Sugar Intake

When taking sugar your insulin level will increase. It also reduces your body’s capacity to remove salt, leads to water retention. So you have curb appetite for sugar based foods like sugary cereals, soda, candies, cakes and cookies.


Natural Diuretic

You should keep an eye on proper functioning of kidneys. If you have any issues, then water will accumulate in the kidneys, leading to problems in the disposal. There are medicines to solve the issue. Other than medicines, you can try the home therapies like cranberry juice, taking of fresh cabbage leaf, foods like parsley, juniper berries, fennel, tea leaf, green tea, apple cider vinegar, and nettle. These remove any hurdle in the path of urination.

Cranberry Juice

Go For Potassium Rich Foods

If your body is short of potassium, then you have to take potassium rich foods and fruits like bananas. Potassium is rich in bananas and helps to treat water retention. The other foods which are rich in potassium are raspberries, oranges, bell peppers, mushrooms, spinach, strawberries, peaches, blackberries, apricot and raisins.


Herbal Tea

If you are addicted to tea, change to herbal tea. Herbal tea removes excess water and toxins from your body. Herbal tea made from parsley tree has the properties to remove excess water.

Herbal Tea

Go For Foods Which Have More Water

To treat water retention goes for foods which are rich in water. The following foods are rich in water; carrots, Brussels sprouts, oats, cabbage, lettuce, cucumbers, watercress, tomatoes and watermelon.

Carrot and Spinach

Increase Your Physical Strength

Doing a workout is the best way to treat water retention. Go for exercises that results in more sweating; tennis, cycling, running and walking.

Good exercise


Garlic has qualities to remove excess water and toxins from your body. More intake of garlic in your diet clears any hurdle in the path of urination and prevents you from gaining weight. This is an effective home based remedies.


Give Up Drinking Habit

Excess drinking habit leads to water retention. Reduce alcohol consumption, instead go for herbal tea, green tea and it will not cause any side effects.

Cut Down on Beer and Alcohol