10 Simple Marketing Plans To Grow Your Revenues

Marketing is the propelling fuel of every successful business. You may have jaw-dropping talent as an entrepreneur, but to actually make the jaws drop, you will have to ensure your space in the public eye through aggressive and suggestive marketing techniques.

10 Simple Marketing Plans To Grow Your Revenues

Marketing strategies need not necessarily be large-scale and media-pervasive. The entry of social networks into the marketing circuit has proved to be a blessing in disguise. There are various other simple, minimalistic, low-cost and yet highly effective marketing techniques to augment your business prospects. Here’s a list of 10 simple marketing techniques to augment your revenues :

How To Grow Marketing Plans With Your Revenues

Create A Blog 

A frequently-updated, well-maintained blog with impressive, personalised content about your business is bound to work in your favor. Blogs are reader-friendly and interactive and provide the perfect means of communication between a business and its stakeholders.

Blogs are also more convenient to maintain than websites. Furthermore, blogs do not require any prior knowledge of HTML or other web languages. Platforms like Blogspot, Tumblr and WordPress have added a whole new level of comfort to the process of blogging.

Create A Web Presence 

No media today has a greater outreach than the social networks. The craze for socialising over the web shows no chance of fading out. A facebook fan page with regular, informed, concise and preferably humorous updates, attractive display pictures, catchy memes, exciting events and contests, et al will definitely serve to capture and retain public attention and be a major marketing asset to the company.

10 Simple Marketing Plans To Grow Your Revenues

Creating a twitter account with consistent updates will also help in expanding the target market. Expanding into other virtual networking and micro blogging systems like myspace, stumbleupon etc, can also prove to be fruitful.

Create Newsletters 

A newsletter is a great way to market content to specific audiences. The primary requirement of a newsletter is a comprehensive, accurately compiled mailing list. The next step is preparing the newsletter, which can be done either manually or using paid newsletter creation software.

The newsletters should be concise and attractive in their layout. Also, the newsletter must be personalised in content and should have an unsubscribe option, because many people have the propensity to get frustrated with continuous emails and this may actually destroy the marketing efforts of the organization. Newsletters may be prepared either manually, or using newsletter software that can be installed on your computer.

Procure Referrals 

Person to person recommendations are the most effective tools of marketing. Loyal clients can be easily and politely asked to recommend business to other people in their social circle. However, care must be taken to not offend loyal clients by offering to pay for recommendations as this causes unnecessary guilt.

10 Simple Marketing Plans To Grow Your Revenues

In fact, referrals do not mean only word-of-mouth recommendations. A simple “Share this page with your friends” option, that is linked to email, facebook, twitter etc, can also serve as a means of procuring referrals easy and quickly.

Hold Or Sponsor A Community Event 

One of the best ways to capture limelight is to sponsor or conduct community events. Exhibitions, fairs, celebrations on festive occasions, cultural programmes, etc can attract a lot of public attention and bring substantial goodwill to the organization.

However, holding or sponsoring events requires meticulous detail and care because even a single wrong step can attract a lot of negative media attention and prove to be one’s undoing.

Free Trials And Samples 

Free trials and samples of services and products serve as major sales stimulators. Once people are convinced of the quality of the product, they become more and more willing to pay a price for them. In this case, it becomes all the more important to create a highly sound first impression. People would be goaded to buy the product only if they are convinced about it’s quality from their experience with the sample that they used!

Souvenir Marketing 

Another marketing technique that is easy to adopt as well effective, is souvenir marketing. T-shirts, cups, ash-trays, pen stands, notepads, keyrings etc with the companies’ or the products’ logo can serve to build a long-term image in the minds of the people.

10 Simple Marketing Plans To Grow Your Revenues

The kind of items one chooses becomes extremely important in this case – souvenirs should be objects of keepsake and memory value, that are not necessarily essentials of life. They should be decorative in nature and extremely attractive and chic in design.

Viral Films 

The most recent trend in marketing is definitely short films with potential to go viral over the net. They provide a sustained advantage over the television advertising because there is no requirement to purchase media space. Viral films are usually short, funny, attractive and immensely share-able. A viral film promoting your product can be the best, easiest and shortest possible way to make everyone come to know of it.

Free Products On The Purchase Of Your Product 

Tying up with related companies and coming up with attractive deals for the customer, a la Buy One Get One Free, can add a lot of appeal to the product and compel people to buy it.

Other schemes like caption contests, wrappercollection contests, and other participatory measures with alluring rewards like free tickets for a live show or a match, a date with a celebrity, special vacation packages, attractive bonanzas and other surprise items.

Associating A Social Cause With Your Product 

Corporate Social Responsibility is another raging public relations and marketing trend. You can tie-up with NGOs, or start a community branch of your own and associate your products to a specific social initiative. Saying that income from the purchase of every one unit of a product, will go to a person in need, is bound to touch people’s heart and capitalise on their sense of social service to sell products.

Sometimes the product itself may be designed in a society-friendly manner, for example notebooks made of recycled paper, products encased in non-plastic material, etc. As a matter of fact, marketing is the only source of competitive advantages in the current business scenario. It would not be an exaggeration to say the marketing activities of any organization are its major revenue boosters!