10 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Sex

Sex is one of the most personal things for an individual. That is why there are many clichés associated with it. Sex is projected through the eyes of both men and women. Either of the partner wishes the other to know enough about him/her. It is the harbinger of a better bond between the two. 10 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Sex

However, men wish women knew reasonably well about her partner as well as sex. Here are those 10 things about sex every man wishes a woman knows.

10 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Sex

Men Encourage Flights Of Imagination

Many times men wish to share their flights of fantasies with their women. But, the fear of being judged in the negative manner makes the men keep their fantasies to themselves. At the same time, men also wish to hear the same from their partners. However, there is a way to handle the fear of being judged unenthusiastically. Write your feelings on a paper and put it in a box. The next time you two get intimate, pull the paper out. Women will certainly appreciate such desires.

Men Feel A Sensuous Touch Is A Great Turn-On

Touch plays an important part in sex life. Simply kissing without the intentions of arousing, can also be a big turn-on. That is why men wish women to give them a sensuous and soft touch. This is actually very vital right before sex. Touching is a part of foreplay. A touch to the testicles can make the man go crazy. Running the hands softly on the chest and the thighs can also be a huge turn-on.

Men Like Women Talking During Sex

Whispering or talking during sex can take it to another level. A good talk can stimulate the ears. But what sort of talk can do it? Well, the answer is pretty simple.

Men Like Women Talking During Sex

The talk should either be dirty or the one that praises the guy for what he is. If the woman praises her guy the way he is making love, it can give more satisfaction and a manly feeling. What more could a man want from his partner?

Men Can Clarify Pornography

No woman can tolerate her man being attracted to another woman. To add to this, some women hate pornography and do not allow their partners to indulge in it. However, for a normal couple, pornography cannot be something one is addicted to. It is just a means of spicing up the sex life and there is nothing wrong in it. The problem can arise only if the man is addicted to it. If couples watch porn once in a while or only before having sex, it is okay.

Women Misunderstand The Need Of Sex In Men

Men are blamed for having an insatiable appetite for sex. However, men want women to think before blaming them. It is not that they are sex addicts, but it is the need to help them move on.

Women Misunderstand The Need Of Sex In Men

Life has become full of competition and men need to move at the speed of the sound. Deadlines and work pressure are galore. It is pretty easy for the demanding jobs to deprive the men of the joy and family pleasure. Nothing can be more energizing than a crazy sex encounter.

Men Are Not Always Dishonest

When it comes to sex, being faithful towards each other is very crucial. As men are always tagged as being hungry for sex, they can easily be termed as being dishonest in the eyes of their partners. However, women need to understand that their man can remain faithful. It would not be right to call all men dishonest. If there is a lack of sex, the couple needs to sit down and talk. A woman can play a key role in enlightening her man when it comes to such a delicate issue.

You Are Beautiful In Your Natural Looks

It is evident that a man would wish his ladylove to look beautiful. However, it is a misconception in women that they look beautiful with their makeup on. Some men like their women to flaunt natural looks. If women try hard to look stunning, it can go the other way round. Superficial beauty can catch any man’s attention easily, but natural beauty remains forever. It can indeed act as a real turn-on.

You Look Gorgeous When Shaved

Many couples think there is nothing filthy in oral sex and practice it as a routine during sex. Women find pleasure in getting the tongue of her man running all over her down there. However, if the woman is sufficiently shaved, her man will be even more fascinated to have a rugged oral sex with her. The pleasure will increase for both partners. There is no doubt that the pubic hair is a big hindrance in the real joy of oral sex.

There Are Positions We Can Try Out

There are lots of sex positions that can give real joy when experienced for the first time. There is no dearth of such positions. Use the imagination to invent any position of your own. Experimenting with various positions can potentially increase the thrill of sex. The bedroom is the safest place to try new things out. Men are always eager to do something different. The ecstasy of sex can be multiplied if there is something unique to go through.

Men Value Sex For The Sake Of Sex

Men are not always hungry for sex as they are thought to be. On the contrary, many men indulge in sex for the sake of sex. If giving and receiving the joy of sex is a two-way process, it can be a satisfying experience for both partners. Sex cannot be enjoyed by force or pressure and women need to understand this. Men are understanding and do put off sex for a later day if his woman is not interested on that particular night.

Men interpret sex differently from women and every man has his own notions about it. Therefore, what he wants his woman to know about sex can be dissimilar in a way or two from other men.