10 Things To Remember On A First Date

10 Things To Remember On A First Date As Adam Sandler, in ‘50 First Dates’, has to woo the amnesiac Drew Barrymore right from the start everyday, we start sympathizing with him. Thankfully, in real life things are not that complicated.

But, even then, the very first date cannot be taken too casually. It is like, if not exaggerating, sowing the seeds for developing a fruitful relationship. There are certain things that you must pay heed to while going on a date with someone for the first time. Don’t let your lackadaisical mannerism spoil everything.

Be Chivalrous

As it is the first time, being courteous is very important. Do not forget your good manners at any point of time. Little gestures like opening the door for your date, letting her depart first are a symbol of chivalry.

Avoid Criticizing

Do not embarrass your date by being too critical of her. You may not appreciate the way she talks, has dressed for the occasion or has some peculiar habits, finding faults with her will do no good to you either.

Let Each other Speak and Listen

While on a date, avoid being a listener or the speaker all the time. Do not irk the other person by being too garrulous; Also refrain being the one who only hears and does not respond well to what the other is saying.

Just be yourself

Some people, in a fit of impressing others, develop a pretense. No matter, how hard they try, their true nature gets revealed at some point of time in future, so there is no point in faking out. Just be yourself.

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Don’t Burrow the Past

It is the worst thing that one can do with his or her first date. Asking embarrassing questions about someone’s previous love affairs or relationships is a mark of indignity. It can make him or her uncomfortable. Reserve such talks for future.

Stay Away from Being too Intimate

The first date is for developing familiarity; making him or her uncomfortable by having sexually explicit talk or getting intimate can wreck everything.

Refrain from the Worldly Talk

Leave the other worldly affairs for some other time. Discussions about family, city, politics, or other unrelated issues are just a wastage of purpose for which you are there.

Be There

As long as you are with your date, be there completely. Don’t look lost or engaged with some other thing. And yes, it is better if your mobiles are off as they can easily distract and spoil the mood and put the other person completely off.

Carry Simple Gifts

As it is your first meeting, presenting expensive gifts to your date is not a good idea. Keep them simple.

Keep Bragging at Bay

Don’t give yourself airs; impressing your date by bragging about yourself can be very irritating to the other person.

To cut short, be gentle, respect each other, and leave some scope for future meetings. Remember, people can judge a lot about you through first impression, so keep it right.