10 Things You Should Never Stop Doing In A Relationship

10 Things You Should Never Stop Doing In A Relationship A relationship can be as strenuous as a boring job or as fun and happy as Disneyland. This is a fact some of us might already be aware of. To keep any relationship from getting stressful or boring, we need to understand the power of appreciation. Since most of the time in a relationship, we are concentrating on the other person, it is very important that we stress on the positive aspects.

To help you start off with this unique practice, there is a list of 10 things that we should never stop doing in a relationship.

Things You Should Never Stop Doing In A Relationship

Write Down 5 Things About Your Partner For Which You Are Grateful

Professional therapists cannot stress enough, how important it is to be grateful for the person in your life. Every day before you start your day, write down 5 things that you really appreciate about your partner. It exercises your brain, to emphasize more on the positive aspects and less on the negative ones. As a result, you tend to love the person more.

It Pays To Listen

Often there would be a need for a person in our lives, who would lend us a kind ear. The same is applicable for any other person.

It Pays To Listen

It is very important to our partner, that when he/she is communicating with us, we are attentive and supportive of her. It shows how much we care and value the other person.

Remembering Special Occasions

Remembering special occasions are often an issue for fights in a relationship. Take down the special dates in a calendar or your phone or your notebook, whichever helps you to remember. When your partner sees how much you value those special dates, she will want to do the same for you.

Express Gratitude Towards Your Partner

The simple and gratifying effect of a “Thank You!” cannot be stressed enough. We should never feel too embarrassed to say these you words.

  Express Gratitude Towards Your Partner

It always feels nice to be appreciated. Whenever we have been appreciated, we only strive to do more of that thing. The same goes for your partner. In order to keep receiving the good stuff, just be grateful and say – “Thank You!”

Always Find A Way To Communicate

Successful communication ensures transparency. Most fights occur due to unsaid feelings. Make sure you create a comfort zone with your partner, so that you can always share your feelings

Put Yourself In Each Other’s Shoes

We cannot always understand what is going on in the mind of the other person in a relationship. But the closest we can come to guessing what he/she is thinking, is by putting ourselves in their shoes.

Put Yourself In Each Other's Shoes

Imagining ourselves in the same situation as them, would help us understand the state of mind they are currently in. As a result we will be able to successfully bridge a gap in communication

Always Keep Expressing Your Feelings

Whether good or bad, whatever you feel, it is best to share with your partner. If it is good, that will confirm your state of happiness and spread your positive vibes to the other person. If it is bad, expressing them will give vent to your feelings and make sure both of you are on the same page. That will help you to overcome any obstacles.

Remember To Express How Much You Love Them Every Day

Imagine how it would feel, if you are shown love, care and kindness every day, every place. Everyone feels the same way.

Remember To Express How Much You Love Them Every Day

So whenever you have an opportunity, never shy away from expressing how much that special person means to you. It is always good.

Always Find Time To Do Things Both Of You Enjoy

Spending time together doing something both of you enjoy, is an ideal way of catching up. You may not have gotten time to get together for some time. Instead of just going on a date, why not go and do something fun and wild.

Never Talk About Giving Up

Never Talk About Giving Up

The most important feeling in a relationship is to show that you love and care about the person and that you are always willing to go an extra mile. Never express willingness to give up, if what you really want is to be still together.

Let’s make sure we practice these steps on a regular basis. It is important that we enjoy each other’s company and always find a way to be happy together!

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