10 Tips For A Fantastic Shave

Men often view shaving as a boring and mundane task. Nevertheless, it is an important aspect as it signifies  a benchmark for a well-groomed man. Women appreciate men with a smooth and clean-shaven face. Many men go wrong with their shaving routines by shaving incorrectly or using improper shaving products. Here are 10 tips and tricks that ensure a fantastic shave and give you a smooth and glowing complexion.

10 Tips For A Fantastic Shave

10 Tips For A Fantastic Shave

Taking A Hot Shower

Most men shave before they take a shower. This gives rise to nicks, cuts and razor burns. Try taking a hot shower before you start to shave. The hot water cleanses your skin and opens the pores. It also softens facial hair thus making it easier to shave them off.

Scrub Your Face

Another good option is to mildly scrub your face with a good face wash followed by a facial scrub. This gets rid of zits and dead skin cells. Superficial black heads will also be removed thus making it easy for the razor to glide onto your skin.

The Shaving Cream

Choose a shaving cream of a reputed brand only. Apply the cream in generous amounts, working your way up in gentle, circular motions. The correct application of the cream ensures that you use liberal amounts of cream, which has seeped well into your skin. This will give you a smooth shave.

10 Tips For A Fantastic Shave

Shave In The Direction Of The Hair

Always shave in the direction of the hair. This is less irritating on the skin and puts you at lesser risk of razor burns and cuts.

Shave Twice

Once you have finished shaving, glide your razor once across the entire length of your face for a close and smooth shave. Avoid the sensitive areas, which feel itchy or irritable.

Change Blades

Never use the razor blade for more than a few shaves. A good rule of thumb is the sharpness of the blade. If you feel it has reduced and is not removing the hair, it is time to change the blade.

Use An Electric Shaver

Electric shavers are infinitely easier to use. They glide on your face in a controlled fashion, thus removing all the superficial hair. Make sure you use a good lubricant before using the electric razor. This may prevent cuts.

10 Tips For A Fantastic Shave

After Shave Care

It is very important to take care of your skin after your shave is done. Splash your face with ice-cold water, which gives a soothing and cooling affect especially if your skin is irritated. Now pat the facial skin dry with a soft towel. Apply some after-shave lotion, which acts as an astringent and reduces infection. Moisturize the irritated skin with a good cream.

Preventing Ingrowths

If you have thick stubble, brush your facial hair gently with a facial brush. This will prevent the hair from curling into your skin and giving rise to ingrowths. Ingrowths can be very annoying and can lead to break outs and pimples. Always follow good hygiene by not sharing razor blades and cleaning your shaving tools religiously.

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