10 Ways To Burn More Calories

Burning more calories can become easier if you religiously follow certain essential steps continuously for a period of time. Exercise, diet and various other ways have been used by most of us yet we don’t get to burn enough calories.The trick lies in how you use these methods and how regular you are and once you put this regular regime into practice you are sure to burn more calories.

How To Burn More Calories

Morning Exercise After Waking Up

Top 10 Ways To Burn More Calories

Every day in the morning after you wake up you must exercise for at least ten minutes continuously. Exercise with three different types of workout and do these continuously for ten minutes at a stretch.

Herbal Teas And Green Tea

Herbal teas and green tea have excellent health values including antioxidants which give you several positive benefits. You can burn more calories by making it a habit to drink herbal teas and green tea every day.

Indulge More In Timed Walking

Top 10 Ways To Burn More Calories

Walking itself is a great exercise for overall health and you should regularly walk a certain distance. Practice timed walking which means trying to cover a distance in less time than it usually takes by you. This will assist in burning more calories easily.

Drink Lot Of Water

Drinking lot of water is very beneficial for your overall health as your body gets cleansed from various toxins. You can get rid of more calories by making a habit to drink lot of water.

Add Some Hot Pepper And Chilies To Meals

Top 10 Ways To Burn More Calories

Hot pepper and chilies can make your meals tasty, spicy and simultaneously help burn more calories. Capsaicin in hot pepper and chilies create heat within the body that triggers more calories to burn.

Improve Your Metabolism

A good rate of metabolism burns excess calories and maintain your lean muscles in right shape and tone. Take right kind of diet and indulge in balanced diet by taking vegetables, lean meat, fish and eggs. Remain active physically and remember not to starve as it won’t take away your calories but slow down metabolism.

Never Skip Breakfast

Top 10 Ways To Burn More Calories

Breakfast is an important way to burn more calories and lose weight. During sleep metabolism rate is slowed down and if we skip breakfast the body begins to starve which is absolutely harmful. A proper healthy breakfast triggers metabolism and also ensures that you don’t indulge in excess eating during the day.

Include More Protein And Carbohydrates In Your Diet

Protein rich diet will involve breaking down of the protein thereby burning considerable amount of calories in the process. Take lean meat, fish and chicken for protein rather than red meat. Take post workout nutrition which must include protein and carbohydrates as these will help in muscle growth and repair rather than fat getting accumulated.

Indulge In Sports And Physical Movement

Top 10 Ways To Burn More Calories

Spend your leisure doing some additional exercises or simply when you are sitting do some isometric exercises like contracting your abdomen muscles or leg muscles for thirty seconds. Make time for sports activities as all these will burn more calories significantly.

Take Enough Rest And Sleep

Proper sleep and rest is also important if you need to burn more calories. Enough rest and sleep will help you manage glucose in your body better thereby whatever carbohydrates you consume will have lesser chances of getting converted to fat deposits.