11 Healthy Tips For Muscular Body

Healthy Tips For Muscular Body

Muscle building is more than a hobby for people; it’s a passion. A lot of blogs and articles will give tips on how your workout should be, which muscles to focus on, what exercises must be performed; but along with this muscle building also depends on what food you eat. It is advised that you should workout for about 3-4 days a week alternately for best results. Along with that you need an equally supportive diet to build your muscles. Let us have a look at the essential ingredients to ditch that unhealthy fat get your body in amazing shape.

Here Are Healthy Tips For Muscular Body

Small Meals At Regular Interval

Eating about 6 meals every day keeps the body in anabolic state and the body will constantly get energy from external source. Due to this it will never try to break down proteins for getting energy. It is said that for proper muscle building the body has to be in an anabolic state.

Small meals at regular interval

Protein Rich Diet

Proteins on getting metabolised in body break down to amino acids. These amino acids are the building blocks of your body. Hence if you need to build your muscles you must have a high protein rich diet. The food that is rich in protein and ideal for consumption during muscle building are lean meat (avoid red meat), eggs, tofu, paneer, soyaben etc.


High Intake Of Calories

Just consuming lot of proteins without increasing your calorie intake will not help. Ideally you must consume about 4000 calories; however you can calculate the exact amount based on your weight (many formulae available). Also intake of high calories puts your body in anabolic state. Calorie intake is equally necessary as protein intake is; muscles do not develop without that.

high calorie

Carbohydrate Rich Diet

Carbohydrates are rich in energy and after metabolism stores energy as glycogen. Also intake of carbohydrates puts the body in active form (anabolic state) by release of insulin. Carbohydrate intake promotes a process like gluconeogenesis, new synthesis of proteins and promotes increase in number of fat storing cells. Therefore you can say that carbohydrates act as storage of fuel.


Protein Shakes (Whey Protein)

A protein shake, especially containing whey proteins and milk is the best source of protein along with the protein you get from food. It is recommended that protein shakes must be consumed post-workout to supplement the worn out muscles after exercising. This practice literally boosts the muscle building process.

protein shake

High Water Intake

Most of the people ignore this step and ignore sufficient water intake. 10-12 litres of water intake per day are a must. The theory behind this is water forms about 70% of your body and any loss of water will also reflect on the muscles. So in order to build your muscles effectively you must drink adequate quantity of water every day. Staying hydrated also helps in eliminating body toxins.

Drink Lots of Water

Fat Intake

Along with carbohydrates and proteins, adequate fat intake is essential for muscles to grow. This fat also helps in increasing your testosterone levels, a hormone that helps in muscle building. Avoid excess intake of saturated fat and consume good fat.

Consume Healthy Fats

Milk Before Bed

Drinking milk before going to bed provides you an energy reserve, thus body will never break down the existing proteins. You can also add raisins or fruits as add on to the milk and this will give a balance of carbohydrate and protein to the body.

milk & turmeic

Rest Your Muscles

Although working out is essential but if you fail to give them rest, the muscles get fatigued and this overall affects their growth. It is advised to give a day’s break to muscle building and plan work outs on alternate days.

rest your muscles

Be Patient And Believe You Can

Building a good physique is not a one day thing or even not a one week thing. You really need a lot of patience hard work and perseverance for that. You are bound to experience failure and times of low motivation, but make sure you go on and keep the desire burning. You need to believe you can achieve your goal. Stay patient and calm and go ahead with it.

be patient

Keep A Check On Stress Levels

It is important to stay motivated; however you must keep a check on stress levels. Staying calm and patient is the key. Yoga and meditation proves to be beneficial in reducing stress levels. Also you may want to try some of the “asans” or yoga postures which also help in muscle building and muscle toning.

Reduce Stress

Along with proper diet and workout it is advised that instead of focussing on a single muscle you must concentrate on all muscles equally. However anything you plan must be done under strict supervision so that you stay safe and do not over do it.