11 Stylish Accessories Men Should Possess

Stylish Accessories Men Should Possess

Gone are the days when men used to dress bland and were deemed classy for dressing so. Only a watch or a pair of shoes would talk style. Welcome to the age of glamorised, sexy men’s era. From watches to shoes, from scarves to bracelets, from tattoos to body piercing men are flaunting it all And with utmost élan. Kudos!Till some time accessorizing was only the forte of women. There were not ample choices for men to choose from the accessories.  Not any more. We are seeing a rush of fashion statements through accessories from celebrities. There are huge brands that have come in the foray to capture this gaining trend.

Here, Listing some awesome accessories to boost your look and make a style statement


A fine leather belt in black or brown ups your style quotient. Be sure to check for different buckles as they add that bit of glamour to the outfit. Make sure you are not wearing something jazzy on formals! Just kidding! Pair it smartly and your outfit will thank you for making it special!



A nice leather wallet with adequate sections not just help you keep money and cards in organised way but also gives you that touch of sophistication. So go ahead and buy yourself a plush leather wallet.



Luxury and watches go hand in hand. We have watches ranging from few hundred dollars to millions. You have so many options to indulge in like Gold coated, diamond studded; it’s feast to the eyes. However, make yourself a sensible choice. Own a functional, not just flashy watch. Since watch is caught by many eyes, rule the scene with your apt “watch” statement!


Cuff Links 

There are so many varieties of cuff links you will find it hard to choose. There are colourful, gold plated, studded cuff links you can have a collection of. Match a pair of sexy cuff links to grab the attention in the office. And it gives you such sophisticated appeal that ladies love to turn around to see you.

Cuff links


Who said scarves are only for the fairer sex? Men too can do a great job with it. A nice scarf tied carelessly around the neck during those fashion evenings or an outing is sure to make heads turn. You can also tie it neatly for formal occasions. Make sure scarf is not heavy and goes well with the season.

Men scarf


If you are married or engaged, you sure will have a ring on your finger. Get stainless steel, platinum or white gold or titanium ring. These rings look classy and subtle engravings on them look elegant.



Similar to finger rings, bracelets too contribute to the styling. A silver or platinum one will go with almost all the outfits. Don’t overdo it though!



Fedora or classic blackstrap denim hats are anytime cool stuff and spell style. Have a collection of them and flaunt them at suitable occasions.


Sun Glasses

Not just protecting the eyes from sun’s harmful rays, a pair of fine sun glasses are unmistakable style statements too. Aviator style sun glasses are the best and classic ones suitable for formal wear. Sports gears go well for long drives and beaches.


Tie Pin 

As cuff links tie pins are subtle yet classy way to spell your cast on the crowd. Choose from variety of tie pins and look gentleman all the way.

tie pin

Messenger Bag 

A decent or vibrant messenger bag changes the way people look at you instantly. Not just for utility purpose, messenger bags are worth the buck as a profuse style statement. They come in plenty of shapes and colours. Just go with the clothing and you are ready to be envied.

messenger bag