12 Best Bear Tattoo Designs For Men

Best Bear Tattoo Designs For Men

Bravery, steadfastness, tenacity and strength all these positive virtues along with negative ones that cause trouble in society are often considered as animalistic nature of men. That is why animal tattoos have become popular among men who like to wear tattoos as a fashion accessory in the body. Though not all animal tattoos stand for positive sides of men but majority of animal tattoos represent good male virtues. A bear tattoo stands for positive sides of a man.

Meaning Of A Bear Tattoo

Every tattoo has a meaning and psychology behind it. As told earlier a bear tattoo stands for all the positive sides like courage, strength, tenacity, steadfastness in a man. It also represents masculinity. A bear is an animal that is greatly respected by ancient tribes like American Indians. They like to connect a bear with a person who has great authority, power and high thoughts or values.

Places Where A Bear Tattoo Can Be Done

A bear tattoo can be done in any place in the body. But upper arm, shoulder, chest, belly and back are favorite places.
Now here are 12 best bear tattoo designs that are popular in the tattoo market.

1. Roaring Bear Head Tattoo Designs

A bear head in a roaring pose is the most common of bear tattoos in the market. This design means power and stand against all odds as well as injustice virtue in a man.

Roaring Bear Head Tattoo Designs

2. Standing Bear Tattoo Designs

A bear in full figure standing on two legs is also popular in tattoo market. In most of this design the bear is seen from front while in some the bear is seen from side also. it represents power and authority.

Standing Bear Tattoo Designs

3. Polar Bear Tattoos

A polar bear survives by fighting against the inhospitable atmosphere of the polar region. Besides the color of this creature that is pure white makes this a favorite for bear tattoo wearer.

polar bear tattoo

4. Tribal Bear Tattoo Designs

People who have a fondness for tribal designs like to wear bear tattoos made in this particular art form. This tattoo looks fascinating and attractive in a man’s body.

tribal bear

5. Bear In Hunting Mode Tattoos

Bear is a wild animal who hunts for food. Bear hunting or looking for an animals is one of the popular bear tattoo designs that can be found in the tattoo market. This design stands for strength as well as tenacity.

Bear In Hunting Mode Tattoos

6. Bear Paw Tattoo Designs

Some people prefer design of just bear paw instead of a full figure or head of bear. A bear paw done in tribal art makes a great bear tattoo.

Bear Paw Tattoo Designs

7. Bear With A Star Tattoo Designs

A star Tattoo represents light in the darkness. A star tattoo mixed with a bear searching something stands for finding a way by fighting against evil forces virtue in a man.

Bear With A Star Tattoo Designs

8. Panda Tattoos

The giant Panda is a bear that can only be found in some parts of China. This cuddly creature with eyes surrounded by big black rims is severely threatened. That is why men who stand for animal preservation like to wear Panda tattoos in body.

Panda Tattoos

9. Flaming Bear Tattoo Designs

Flame or fire stands for giving warmth in the cold or showing light in the darkness. When it is coupled with an image of a roaring bear it means fighting evil and finding a way in the darkness.

Flaming Bear Tattoo Designs

10. Teddy Bear Tattoos

Men who like children very much sometime like to wear a cute teddy bear tattoo in the body.

eddy Bear Tattoos

11. Viking Or Norseman Bear Tattoo Designs

Vikings are warriors known for their strength, ferocity and courage. That is why bear tattoos with Viking warrior helmets and armory ar also available in the market for men who worship warriors of bygone ages.

Viking Or Norseman Bear Tattoo Designs

12. Bear In The Woods Tattoo Design

For people who like to see a bear in its natural environment there are bear in the woods tattoo design available in the tattoo market also.

Bear In The Woods Tattoo Design
So you are a tattoo lover. Want to have a bear tattoo in your body. you can choose a design from the list given here easily.