15 Best Natural Remedies For Acne

Best Natural Remedies for Acne

Acne is the skin problem faced by both the genders and people of all age. Acne is mainly spots and pigments caused due to pimples. They are also characterised by black heads, white heads, dead skin. It is prominently caused to teenagers due to excessive hormones. It is also caused due to exposure of skin to dust and pollution in environment. Habit of regular smoking and drinking increases the probability of acne on skin. Instead of using expensive beauty products, one can avoid acne using simple things easily available at home.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is really effective on acne. It has anti-bacterial property. It kills bacteria growing on the skin. Also, it is alkaline in nature. Hence, it maintains the pH level of skin which controls growth of bacteria on skin. Mixture of vinegar and lemon juice is excellent remedy for acne.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Mixture Of Cinnamon And Honey

Applying mask of mixture of cinnamon and honey are good remedies for acne as cinnamon has anti-microbial properties. It controls the growth of bacteria on skin.

Mixture of cinnamon and honey

Egg Whites

Egg whites effectively treat acne. Egg white should be whisked to make froth which can be applied on skin. 2-3 layers of it can be applied for effective results. Egg white absorbs extra oil, i.e., extra sebum on skin. Hence, controls the bacterial growth.

Egg Whites


Papaya, now a day, is used in many beauty treatment products. It has enzyme Papain which reduces skin irritation. Papaya removes excess oil present on the skin in the form of lipids. Papaya should me mashed until a consistency in the mixture is achieved. Mashed papaya can be applied on the skin and should be left for 20 minutes.


Mixture Of Milk And Honey

Milk is an excellent cleanser. It lightens the skin tone. Mixture of milk and honey can be applied on the skin to remove acne marks. Milk also moisturises the skin, leaving it soft and beautiful. Milk can be replaced with yoghurt for better results as yogurt has anti microbial properties.

Milk and honey

Orange Peel

Orange peel can be grinded to form a fine paste which can be applied on skin as a mask. Orange contains Vitamin C and it has astringent property. Orange rejuvenates the skin. It also promotes growth of new healthy skin. Hence, it does not only fight against acne. But it also helps in the growth of healthy skin.

Orange Peel

Paste Of Strawberries And Honey

Strawberry should be mashed to make a fine paste. Mixture of strawberry paste and honey should be made which can be applied on the skin as mask. Strawberries contain salicylic acid which is common ingredient of acne treatment products. It helps epidermis remove dead cells from the skin, opens clogged pores and neutralizes the effect of bacteria. Honey fights against bacteria that cause acne and inflammation.

Strawberry and honey paste

Banana Peel

Banana peel should not be thrown away after eating banana. Banana peel can be used for your acne treatment. Rubbing banana peel on the face in gentle circular motions helps a lot in treatment of acne. Banana peel has lutein which is strong antioxidant. It reduces swelling and inflammation. It accelerates skin growth.

Banana peel

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, directly from the plant or aloe vera gel can be used for treatment of skin. Aloe vera gels are now easily available in the stores. It has anti-inflammatory effect. It has soothing effect on skin. It reduces blemishes and redness on the skin. It also has anti bacterial properties.

aloevera juice

Baking Soda

A paste of baking soda by adding water to it can be made and its mask should be applied on the skin to get effective results. Baking soda has antiseptic properties. It exfoliates the skin making it softer and more beautiful.

Baking soda

Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice can be applied on the skin using cotton balls. It has citric acid which exfoliates the skin. It is really effective as it is astringent. It contracts the skin tissue due to which blemish automatically dries out.

Lemon Juice


One can take steam therapy. Steam open the skin pores and flushes out dead skin and impurities from deep inside of the skin.

Steam Inhalation


You can make sugar scrub with either white or brown sugar. It acts as exfoliator. It removes dead skin from the skin. It can be mixed with honey or olive oil to make scrub for better results.

Sugar scrub


Mint has methanol. It does not cure acne but its cooling properties give soothing effect to skin. It eases the irritation caused due to acne. It has anti- inflammatory property.


Self Control

One should avoid scratching, picking skin. Doing such thing will further worsen the status of skin. One should avoid touching skin.

Avoid scratching the skin