15 Foods That Will Give You Energy And Strength

Foods That Will Give You Energy And Strength

If you feeling low on energy then instead of consuming another cup of coffee or a candy bar, you must grab foods that are rich in energy. Caffeine and sugar may seem like giving an energy spike but it follows with the crash that would make you feel even more tired. It sometimes also becomes an addiction. In this article you will learn about fifteen foods that give you energy, strength and keep you alert all the day. It also elevatesone’s mood and increases productivity.The best way to banish lethargy, weakness and dullness by having a healthy and balanced diet that is made from food items that gives adequate amount of protein, vitamins, carbohydrate, fats and minerals.

These Are Foods That Will Give You Energy And Strength


Potatoes are very good energy booster. It is best consumed in the boiled form. Boiled potatoes help in giving instant energy and reducing fat. Avoiding fried potatoes which increase bad cholesterol in the body.

Use Potato Slices


Fruits are also beneficial to increase energy in the body. Some foods like banana, grapes, chiku, mango helps in higher energy levels.

Eating Fresh Fruits


Curd has useful bacteria and rich source of calcium and protein. It is also considered to increase energy levels and maintain good health.



A glass of milk makes one energetic and has good amount of calcium. So is recommended for people of all ages for daily consumption.

Milk Acids

Cottage Cheese

Home-made cheese is also a natural way to increase energy and feel active. Use it as a snack and save yourself from high calorie packaged foods. It can be used in variety of forms and in several dishes.

Cottage Cheese


Eggs are very beneficial for overall body. It is a good breakfast and a healthy way to start your day with it. It gives instant energy to the body.



Green Beans and Red Beans are very good for the body. It has high amount of protein and carbohydrate which helps one get rid of weakness and dullness.

Beans and legumes


If you are a non-vegetarian, you can consume meat to give you required amount of energy and nutrient. Meat is a great way to boost your protein levels. No matter in what way you consume them, meat will provide one with an assortment of required vitamins and minerals.

Lean Meat


Fish are a great source of vitamin A, D and E, essential omega-3 fatty acids which helps in healthy functioning of brain, eye and nervous system. For those who want to lose weight, gain muscle, enhances energy levels and burn muscle tissues for energy generation then fish are the best food for you. They are rich in vitamins that help in aiding metabolism.



Tofu has been derived from soybeans. It is considered to be used as a substitute for meat. People who are vegetarians can treat it as a good option for energy. Consuming it will give one surge of energy and prevent tiredness. This high protein food is also an excellent source of calcium which helps in maintaining required muscle and bone density in the body.



Nuts like Almonds, Walnuts, Cashew nuts, Pistachios etc. are very healthy and nutritious. It is a good snack that gives energy to the body. It has monounsaturated as well as polyunsaturated fats that will help one lose excess fat and bring them maintain a healthy weight.

Avoid Nuts and Cheese


Jaggery is the best sweet dish that not only helps in increasing blood content, aids digestion but also gives instant energy to a person. Use jaggery whenever you feel like eating something sweet. This is a good substitute for confectionary items and sweets which gives a fleeting effect of energy and increases fat levels in the body.



Carbohydrate foods such as pasta provide glucose, is important for brain and muscles. It is beneficial source of complex carbohydrates that provides slow and continuous release of energy. Pasta helps in sustaining energy and also provides a well-balanced diet.

Pasta Pistachio

Gram Seeds

Gram seeds are another very good source of energy. They will also help keep you feel full and satisfied as they have large amount of protein, fiber and healthy fats. Munching handful of these high fiber seeds during the day helps you feel active throughout the day.

Gram Seeds

These are the very easily available and highly nutritious food that just not give you energy but also provide your body with sufficient amount of nutrients to help body perform well. Instead of going for artificial and synthetic food products like sweets, cakes, biscuits, chocolates, chips etc. one must opt for these natural foods to remain healthy and energetic.