15 Hits And Misses Of Having Beer

Hits And Misses Of Having Beer

A little About Beer

It has been a long and not so good day. Nothing went on as planned and you are totally tired and drained out. But that mug of cold beer can actually help in putting all your hassles aside. Well, beer is an alcohol(so go easy), made from the fermentation of grains. Beer is known to be one one the oldest alcohols. It This cereal is barley which is slowly fermented and brewed to make this alcoholic beverage. Since its an alcohol, caution should be taken in drinking it, as consuming it too much is harmful to the body. However, taking beer in moderate amounts is fine.We Will Explore Both, The Good And The Bad, Of Drinking Beer.

The Goodness Of Beer

Better Digestion

Beer, especially the dark variety, contains loads of soluble fiber, which are good for the stomach and gives relief from gastric problems and disorders of the intestine.

Better Digestion

Healthy Kidney

Intake of beer, is said to reduce the occurrence of kidney stones by 4%. It also helps pushing out kidney stones from the body. So, people having these problems can easily indulge in their favorite brand of beer, but only as per the physician’s advice.Beer is made from fermenting grains, so it has a high amount of vitamin B, namely B1, B2, B6, and B12. Quantities of B6 and B12 are very high which is extremely good for iron and calcium absorption.

Healthy kidney

Stronger Bones

The high amount of silicon in the body increases the high bone density, the bones become healthy and strong.

Stronger bones

Lowers Cholesterol

Having beer reduces the LDL(bad cholesterol) and reduces the chance of heart attacks by 40- 60%. Studies also suggest that beer intake increases levels of HDL, which is the good cholesterol in the body. This was earlier said for wine, but now beer too  is added to the list. But, moderation is important.

Lowers cholesterol


Extremely stressed out and unhappy? Losing sleep? Beer could be of help. It is said to make people drowsy and help them fall off to sleep faster though non-alcoholic beer is more recommended for a good nights sleep.


Home Remedies

For making medicinal use of beer for cold and cough, drink hot beer. When cereal is heated, it boosts the blood circulation and loosens all congestion. It is said to boost immunity, and also provides relief from the pain in the joints. Beer should always be heated in a double boiler.

Beautiful Skin And Hair

Beer can make the skin smooth and glowing. It reduces pigmentation of the skin by means of regeneration and the texture of the skin improves. Also giving the last rinse to your hair with beer, brings a lovely shine to those locks.

Beautiful skin and hair

Like The Coin, There Is Always The Other Side To Things. Let Us Now Explore The Various Negative Aspects Of Consuming Beer-


One can of beer has 100-200 calories approximately. This is quite a bad idea for weight loss. People who are trying to reduce should minimize or stop beer intake totally as it hampers the body’s ability to lose weight.


Low Level Of Blood Sugar

Liver converts the glycogen in the body to glucose. Beer consumption hampers this activity, resulting which sugar levels drop and we start feeling hungry soon. Abdominal obesity is observed and many people develop a ‘beer belly’.

Low level of blood sugar


Beer is diuretic. It increases the reduces the fluid outflow of the body. This explains the frequent washroom visits on having a beer. Too much urination and sweating lead to dehydration.


Celiac Disease

Some people have gluten sensitivity. Celiac disease is an autoimmune problem arising due to gluten sensitivity. Beer, which is made of barley contains gluten which could be fatal to people suffering from this disorder.

Celiac disease

Drinking beer makes us drowsy and tipsy. Vision becomes blurred and the mental ability to think and act right is impaired. Individuals at times stop behaving properly and a lot of accidents are reported because of consuming too much of alcohol.If a person has more than 40 gms of beer, it can lead to high blood pressure and acidity problems. The digestion gets disrupted and one becomes uncomfortable.You get up in the morning and Ouch! It is a bad, very bad headache and a cotton mouth. That’s a hangover! The daily activities are hampered and the whole day one feels sick and sleepy. The day goes a total waste only because of consuming too much beer which the system of the body could not handle. So as I said earlier, moderation is the required.