2012 Energica Electric Superbike Price & Review

We have never associated ‘electric’ with ‘speed’. But it seems that times are going to change. The Italian bike makers CRP Racing have recently come up with an electric superbike concept named Energica Electric superbike. CRP has been in news lately for the launch of the ‘Next Gen Superbike’. In fact, their Twitter account is still flooded with such news and predictions.

2012 Energica Electric Superbike Price & Review

It seems that the time is not far when we will actually see the Next Gen Superbike ‘Electrica’ on roads. Having earned immense expertise in the field of motorbike and electric bike racing, CRP has evolved the idea of electric superbikes made for streets. The Energica yields top speed of 137mph – too good for a two-wheeler – and comes for a huge price tag i.e. £12,800 (approximately $20,000). As it is set for release in 2013, let us learn some quick facts about Energica Electric superbike.

Features Of 2012 Energica Electric Superbike


Energica flaunts a very seductive design. The Electrica superbike celebrates the refined sense of style among Italians. Energica Electric superbike sports LED lights and LCD display on the multi-function dashboard. Both the display and LED lights derive power from the 100kW permanent magnet motor that sends power to the wheels. Energica Electric superbike sports 3.5×17-inch front OZ-forged aluminum wheels and 5.5×17-inch rearOZ-forged aluminum wheels.


Energica Electric superbike is powered by 100kW PMAC (permanent magnet AC) synchronous motor that enables the bike to touch the top speed of 137mph. Energica Electric superbike has 95 miles range. With its launch set for 2013, the condition of charging stations on the highways will improve and hitting the highway with this beauty would not bother you anymore.

2012 Energica Electric Superbike Price & Review

The motor of Energica Electric superbike diverts from the design of eCRP’s motor. While the eCRP 1.2 and eCRP 1.4 used two brushed-DC motors with 52kW power rating, the Energica uses single AC motor with power rating of 100kW (equivalent to 130 horsepower). Hence, the motor of Energica delivers double the power of eCRP 1.4 and 1.2. Energica Electric superbike attains 95% efficiency.


Front as well as rear Brembo brakes enable the rider to have better control on the road. Ohlins shocks and OZ forged wheels of Energica Electric superbike further contribute to a memorable riding experience. Synchronous motors are used when there is a need for fixed speed. This means the rider of Energica will have to vary the power frequency to change motor speed.

Price Of 2012 Energica Electric Superbike

Energica Electric superbike is priced at £12,800 (approximately $20,000). But you need not wait till its official launch in 2013. All you have to do is to deposit a refundable amount of £1300 to pre-book your Energica Electric superbike. As soon as the mass production of Energica starts, the one to have pre-booked it will lay hands on it first. In case there is a change of mind within this time period, the makers promise easy refund of the pre-booking amount prior to Energica’s official launch.


Energica Electric superbike is truly the face of ‘next generation superbikes’ and is aptly called so. With top speed of 137mph, killer looks and 95% efficiency, the Energica is a dream come true and definitely worth buying. Since the Government offers incentives for going electric, there is an additional reason to get yourself an Energica superbike the coming year.