2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom Review

2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom truly depicts the American way of living that is more about taking a splash in the pool of life than settling down for something meager. It is a custom cruiser that gives companion to the most enthusiastic riders. Let us have a closer look at 2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom in this review. 2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom

2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom Features


2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom sports a wider front end that is complemented by 16-inch tires to give the new Harley a contemporary look. The fat front end is complemented by muscular front tire and thick triple clamp. The little extra chunk on the bike can be excused for it also allows for massive customization. In addition, the bike sports other signature elements such as pull-back handlebar, new wheels, etc. The LED tail lamp too is also reshaped. The Sportster ‘eyebrow’ look on the headlamp reminds of the good old days.

2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom design

The pull-back handlebar too is mounted on curved raiser and incorporates LED warning light. The LED beam bears a low profile but has the potential to get brighter on demand. The LED lights fits into the rear fender’s contours perfectly. Fast-acting LED lights are designed to capture quick attention. The LED lights cast ample light on license plate. The inclusion of 5-spoke aluminum wheels with chrome touch and 31-inch Michelin Scorcher tires add elegance to the bike and cast a spell wherever you go. 2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom sports standout wheels to allow for higher level of customization.

2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom has thicker paint on it – at least twice thicker than on most of its competitors. 5-mile deep clearcoat layering on the bike is a plus point. It also sports bigger metal flakes with variant effects. The signature hand-finished fuel tank is a unique aspect of all Harley Davidson motorcycles including the new 2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom. Hand finish ensures unmatched style and seamless design of the bike.

The sleek and premium 2-up classic seat on 2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom vouches for the Harley tradition of giving extra attention to stitching and style. Intense research and designing ensures maximum seat comfort.


2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom is powered by 1200cc Evolution V-Twin engine with ESPFI (electronic sequential port fuel injection). It sports 5-speed transmission along with dual-staggered exhaust system. Better known as the ‘Blockhead’, the engine traces its history back to 1984 and its origin back to Ironhead and Shovelhead engines. The Evolution engine ensures durability and power at the same time. The efficiency of the engine is improved by aluminum cylinders and heads. Use of carburetors has been done away with the use of electronic fuel injection. It also requires less maintenance and is more reliable.


2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom sports H-D1 factory customization that gives the buyers 7 customization options for style, fit and function. Full personalization is in fact the most striking aspect of the new 1200 Custom that allows the buyer to choose from variety of handlebars, paint, wheels, seats, security system, engine finish, and foot control position.

2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom features

Other marvels of technology are self-canceling turn signals that perform on the basis of angle and speed of the bike. The bike also allows for quick engagement of controls. Hands-free fob is a quick way to automatically arm (on approaching) or disarm (on moving away) the security functions of the bike.

Price Of 2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom

2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom is priced at $10499.


2012 Harley Davidson 1200 Custom is a bike to watch for because of its supremacy in design, comfort and technological features.