2012 VW Beetle Black Turbo Launch Edition Review And Price

The Beetle has always been one of the most prized creations of Volkswagen. It has been there for so many years now and has been able to carve a niche for itself that comprises of a loyal brand of followers. Volkswagen now has taken a step forward and has come out with an exclusive edition of the little Beetle. The Beetle of the 21st Century is here.

The new 2012 Black Turbo Launch Edition Beetle by Volkswagen is a sporty take on that ‘cute little thing’ we loved. It has been redone completely and we get a larger, more efficient and user friendly avatar of the original critter.

The new turbocharged 2.0L TSI engine gives the new Beetle that exclusive feel and with only 600 vehicles up for production, the 2012 Beetle is a limited edition for sure. So let’s get into details and see what the new critter has to offer.

2012 VW Beetle Black Turbo Launch EditionFeatures


The new 2012 Black Turbo Beetle stands out for its new black look. It draws your attention with its new styling and improved contouring. The bodywork includes the exclusive ‘Turbo’ decal on the side panels and on the wheels and mirrors. The colors have been contrasted quite stylishly with white 18 inch alloy wheels with chrome finish and white panels that house the mirrors for the Black Turbo Beetle and a touch of red on the brake calipers.

2012 vw beetle black turbo launch edition

Photo Credit: Facecarsx.com/cool-concept-cars/2012-volkswagen-beetle-black-turbo-launch-edition/

The exterior has also been given a sporty look by using slight boot spoilers at the rear of the car, standard fog lights and sporty padels. The interiors have also been stylishly setup with matching effects. The steering wheel, dashboard, sporty seats, ‘Kaeferfach’ glove box and the door panels have all been matched with the black exterior of the Black Turbo Beetle.

Engine and Performance

Along with an improved design, Volkswagen has also worked on the engine of the new Black Turbo Launch Beetle to give enhanced performance and provide the buyer with a complete package. The engine of the 2012 Black Turbo Launch Edition Beetle has been given a new look and feel.

2012 vw beetle black turbo launch edition review

Photo Credit: Cafepunto.com/autocarnews/2011/06/2012-volkswagen-beetle-black-turbo-edition-vehicle-pre-order

The new edition Beetle has been fitted with a 2.0 TFSI turbocharged 4-cylinder engine similar to the one used in the GTI model of Volkswagen. The Black Turbo Launch Edition Beetle also produces a max of 200 hp at 207 lb-ft of torque that packs quite a punch.

The performance of the new 2012 Beetle has received a boost from the inclusion of the newest and up to the minute DSG dual-clutch system developed by Volkswagen for automatic transmission and larger brakes for effective handling.


The new 2012 Black Turbo Launch Edition Beetle has also been fitted with the unique ICRS or the Intelligent Crash Response System for the added safety of its passengers.

2012 vw beetle black turbo launch edition price

Photo Credit: Facecarsx.com/cool-concept-cars/2012-volkswagen-beetle-black-turbo-launch-edition/

This system includes features like automatic unlocking of doors, closing down of fuel pump and activation of danger signals when there is a crash and is a highlight of this limited edition Beetle. The new Beetle also flaunts Bluetooth connectivity and lets you plug-in your iPod for entertainment.


The 2012 Black Turbo Launch Edition Beetle has been priced around $ 24,950 and needs to be booked through the pre-order program of Volkswagen.