2013 Land Rover Range Price & Review

Are you looking for your perfect SUV having incredible off road performance? Then you should keep 2013 Land Rover Range in your test driving list. From high snowy inclines to dry rugged road Rover Range has sported brilliant wheel moment every where in all climatic condition.

What more one can expect from a SUV which is having excellent capability and road performance with iconic design. 2013 model of Land Rover range has come up with exceptional refinement of its looks and features.

Features Of 2013 Land Rover Range


The edgy look of 2013 Rover Range looks smart on road. The first look sports its attractive profile. It is the first SUV of Rover family which is made up of full aluminum structure. Rover Range has introduced lighter material over steel in this new model. This SUV is also luxury focused when it comes about interior design. The rear seat experience is awesome, because of the heating and cooling function.


Not only that, it relaxes you with an option of power recline and massage. Even one can easily go off to sleep placing their head in extra soft pillow padding of the head rest of the rear seat. The large door opening provides an easy entrance. Grille and headlights are updated with new trend of LED style.

With 8 inch long screen display having touch control, the number of switches has been reduced. The longer wheel base and spacious leg rooms for rear seats are cozy. The whole trendy customization of 2013 Land Rover Range is perfectly suited with its highly efficient performance.


2013 Land Rover Range used a powerful 5L V8 engine. It produces a torque of 375 lb-ft which is continually delivered and power of 375 hp.


The supercharged Land Rover Range produces a torque of 510 hp. The average weight of this SUV is 700 lbs. it is customized with 8 speed transmission and can roll 0-60 mph in just 5.1 seconds. Its fuel economy is 14 mpg at city and 20 mpg at highway.


This agile SUV has been customized into a user friendly vehicle by loading it, with upgraded features. This full time full wheel drive vehicle has improved 12 inch of ground clearance. The SUV has got Optional terrain response feature which includes manual as well as automatic setting. There are so many modes of this feature like general, snow, sand, mud, rock which can control the ascent and descent automatically so that the vehicle can cross any terrain on any climatic condition and environment.


Also new air suspension system contribute to less sound and optional adaptive dynamic features sway bars which reduce the heavy body roll at terrains and keep a perfect balance. A fully digital 12.3 inches gauge display is there. This improved and technological sound SUV can drive through three feet of water. The bulk mass has shimmering glass roof, and has got a 1700 watt audio system.

Electronic locking rear differential is one of the features of Rover Range. This bulk vehicle is not only superior at performance but with such techno sound smart features it can conquer any obstacle in its way.



Safety features includes monitoring of blind spots, anti clock disc brakes, air bags at front and full side, rollover protection, parking sensor, rear-view camera. Reverse traffic detection system is there to alert whether a vehicle is approaching near from the side.


Super powerful V8 engine, on road and highly capable off road performance, all terrain driving capability, classy interior are highlighting features to get into ‘Pros’ list.


Fuel mileage is poor and digital dash board does not display speed.

Price Of 2013 Land Rover Range

2013 Land Rover Range has been tagged with price of $83,500.