3 Awesome Foreplay Tips For Men

3Awesome Foreplay Tips For Men Like every book has a lovely introduction, so should sex. How about naughtying away to have a great sex moment with your partner? Many couples lack the spark to share a nice and healthy physical intimacy. What do you think is the reason? There can be many.

It can be Conflicts, fights, incompatibility or simply lack of the desire to get close to your partner. It is really unfortunate that many marriages or relationships break because of unsatisfied sexual experience. Counselors advise couples who are on the verge of break up to take a vacation full of romance, sex and pleasure. If sex is so important in a relationship then why not embellish it with some fun and exciting foreplay to experience greatest sex anytime, anywhere. Sex is not just about a man and woman getting into sexual intercourse. It is about “feeling the need to have sex”.

Often men can be turned on by watching a porn video or a sexy picture of a topless model. But do you think that’s how you would like to turn on your partner? No, do it yourself and as sexily as you can. Men and women can take active participation in arousing each other, especially men, who can come up with really funky sexy foreplay ideas to have an awesome night with their partner. Here are 3 great foreplay ideas for men to execute on their respective woman. You won’t be disappointed by putting these top 3 foreplay ideas into action and feel the boost in your sex life.

The Power of Sexy Lingerie

Have you ever thought of your woman dressed as skimpily as she can? Well, men have wild fantasies all the time. It is time to get one of those out fantasies into reality. Gift her super sexy lingerie. Of course know her correct size. Go through her wardrobe to get ideas about what kind of nighties she likes or better yet, give her something she has never worn or might want to buy for a very long time. One point to note here is that make sure your girl feels comfortable in showing a lot of skin. Many a times, women feel embarrassed about their “size” especially right after pregnancy. So be smart and think about your partner’s comfort as well as your “foreplay idea” before you get her sexy lingerie.

The power of sexy lingerie

Once you did, wrap up in a bright shiny wrapping paper and leave it on the bed for her to spot easily. You don’t want to play hide and seek and waste time to have great sex. Do you? Make her open it. (The gift first) Ask her to try it on because you want to see how it fits her perfect assets. Come up with great one liners like “let me check those curves in them” or “bring it on baby”. You have to sound sexy and not desperate. Prepare yourself while she is away to wear your gift because once she is out you won’t be able to keep your hand’s off her. Lay her down on the bed and caress to make her want for more. Start with soft gentle kisses all over then start to undress. You will be amazed to see how lingerie can make your night so damn hot.

Play The Masseuse

Yes, the moment you hear massage, your nerves starts to stimulate. How about introducing massage right in your bedroom where you play the masseuse playing your hands on your woman. The thought of it is so arousing imagine what can actually happen when you execute it. Plan it before hand with everything in place such as bathrobes, candles, fragrant incensed sticks and the works. Ask your woman to change into a towel, yes just the towel long enough to cover her private parts.She will be as excited about the “event” that would follow after a massage than you.

Tell her to chill and lay on the bed, while you prepare the oil and yourself for a wonderful 30 minutes strokes of love that would stimulate her sex nerves. After the massage, head for a warm bath in the shower or prepare a nice bubble bath for both of you to enjoy a great personal moment together. Massage, shower and kisses play the perfect foreplay idea for men to try on their girl. Doesn’t it sound romantic? After all, your girl deserves all the pampering and massaging for being the perfect life partner for you.

Play the masseuse

Play Naughty Games Together

This could be the clichéd but a definitely a successful foreplay idea that leads to what you really want from your woman- a hot sex after the foreplay. There are many love games or sex games (whatever you call it) are available in the market. They are fun and interesting. It makes both the partners to be involved and take part in the foreplay. For example, in most of these games, every lost move by your partner has to pay price for it, like undressing gradually. By the end you see both of you’ll are naked and so steamy hot that you would leave the game right away and start your own little naughty sport.

There are many edible undergarments made of candies that are super hot and fun to eat. Buy one these love games now and see how effective it is to start your woman’s motor. An apt foreplay idea for honeymooners, carry theses games to holidays and weekends when both of you have enough time to finish the game totally.

Play naughty games together

Foreplay is just a small fun action before the play starts. Be creative and come up with new ideas. It is of utmost importance to incorporate in your sex life or else it becomes bland and so formal. Spice up your sex life and bring a natural glow on your woman’s face. Well, you too. The above mentioned 3 great Foreplay ideas for men are absolutely tried and tested by many couples. Do share your experience here and add on new foreplay ideas for everyone to read.