4 Common Sex Issues Men Face

Men often face a crashing defeat when they enter into a steaming hot bed session with their partners. There are various reasons that make men suffer in their conjugal lives. While health and sexual potency are among the most prevalent ones, there are series of secondary triggers as well, such as misconception, over expectations, overconfidence, etc.

4 Common Sex Issues Men Face

These factors either kill the sex drive in men or make them incompetent in satisfying their bed partners to the optimum level. If your bed life is passing through the darkest phase, discover the major triggers at play behind the same by reading further. These will help you to get over the system and become the man everyone fancies.

Common Sexual Problems In Men

Overconfidence About Feminine Sexual Needs

Most men get the hardest blow in their sex life when they become overconfident about the needs of their female partners. They look too sure about the sexual needs of their female counterparts. But, the truth is different. Women have different preferences and desires than men.

There is no general rule on which you can categorize the sexual needs of every female.  It is only through flexibility, eagerness to learn and experience that a guy can understand the needs of a particular woman. Thus, in spite of being physically competent, they fail to satisfy their partners.

Men Reach Climax Very Fast

While women love to endure longer, many unfortunate men reach climax much faster. They suffer from erectile dysfunction and ejaculate as soon as they get heated up.

4 Common Sex Issues Men Face

This early ejaculation is neither pleasing for women nor for men as things end much before both of them can enjoy the session optimally. This is a medical condition and seeks treatment.

Diminished Sexual Drive

Some men are victims of lowered or practically no sexual drive.  They do not posses any interest to go physical with their female partners. It is not a particular female, who fails to arouse libido in such men, practically no women on earth can heat them up! Most of the times, diminished sexual drive in men is a common phenomenon.

It is associated with the natural process of aging when the amount of testosterone secretion in men decreases. Sometimes, side effects of drugs, analgesics, addictions, stress, tension and faulty lifestyle are also conducive of lowered sexual drive in men. This is also a medical condition that demands immediate medical attention.

Painful Sex

It is a really pathetic condition when sexual encounter is associated with pain in many males. Thus, sex, which is supposed to be exciting and amusing, turns up to be a painful affair, characterized by burning discomfort and irritation for hours after the act.  The pre-seminal secretion in such men is very scanty in general.

Consequently, it fails to lubricate the male genital organ and the female reproductive tract sufficiently enough so that it can dampen the tools and prevent abrasion due to friction during stroking. This is a curable medical condition. But, the sexual issue must be reported to a skilled medical practitioner immediately. Treatment, emollients and antibiotics are prescribed in order to cure the same.