4 Effective Bodybuilding Supplement

bodybuilding supplements Bodybuilding requires gut wrenching work in the gym. For a good body, you not only need to bust your butt in the gym but also need to keep a strict check over your diet. If you are boozing on weekends, not sleeping for 8 hours straight and not getting enough protein in your diet, no amount of weight lifting will get you the results.

In fact, your muscles may give up on you and may not show any gains. Having said that, if you are following a good regime and have started to make good muscle gain, there are some bodybuilding supplements that can get you faster and quicker results. Supplements can make a 10% difference in the overall result.

4 Effective Bodybuilding Supplement


Creatine is a bodybuilding supplement that helps to improve your performance in high intensity workouts. It also increases your overall energy levels and increases lean muscle mass. It speeds up muscle recovery rate after a workout. Creatine does not bulk you up but just helps you cope better with the high intensity workouts especially when you are lifting heavier weights. Serious body builders definitely need creatine supplements unless they are eating a lot of red meat in their diets.

Protein Powder

This one is very simple and straightforward. When you are into heavy bodybuilding, the protein in your diet ceases to be enough. In such cases, you have to supplement your diet with protein powder. It is convenient and cost effective and is something that can be easily had before and after a workout. It is vital to remember that protein supplements are just a way to supplement the protein in your diet. Nothing can substitute A- class proteins that you take in the form of good nutritious food.


This is a necessary supplement for all skinny people who find it very difficult to make muscle gains. Glutamine is a substance that is easily made available to the body from the food that we eat. It helps the body to cope with the stresses and strains of intensive muscle building programmes.

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Even if you are taking a nourishing diet that has enough glutamine, this may still not be enough. The more advances your body makes in muscle development, the more will be the glutamine needed by the body. A glutamine supplement had 1-2 times a day will take care of your daily needs when it becomes too much for your body to handle all the stress.

Greens Supplements

When you are a professional bodybuilder, you are going to be eating so much of other important food, that it may become difficult to get your daily quota of greens in the form of veggies. You may just end up feeling too stuffed to take in adequate amounts of greens. In such cases, greens supplements works very well. They provide all the essential macronutrients in the form of essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to sustain good health and muscle tone.

These supplements will only be effective if you are already eating a balanced diet and sleeping enough. Otherwise, no amount of supplementation will get you the results.

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