4 Entrepreneur Role Models To Emulate In Business And Life

Right from Bill Gates to Mark Zuckerberg, there are many entrepreneur role models that can inspire and motivate you not just to make it big in your business but also to improve your overall personality. Every year, thousands of people start their ventures with new business ideas, but not everyone’s dream comes true.

A large number of those businesses fail much before making a mark in the industry. But, there are also people who remain consistent with their efforts and have never-say-no attitude. Their businesses do not only survive but also grow tremendously with time.

The road to success is undoubtedly never an easy one. It takes a lot of pain and sincere and consistent efforts to achieve success in its true sense. Following is a brief overview on some of those entrepreneur role models who you may like to emulate in both your business and personal life.

4 Entrepreneur Role Models To Emulate In Business And Life

4 Entrepreneur Role Models To Emulate In Business And Life

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is a name that needs no introduction. He started small at a very young age, carried his business to new heights and also became the richest man of the world during the 1990’s. Though the influence of his company Microsoft is decreasing a little at present, but it still dominates the world of computers. Most of his time is now devoted to charity, which is often quoted as one of the main reasons why the dominance of Microsoft has been waning gradually.

JD Rockerfeller

During the 1800’s, JD Rockerfeller dominated the oil industry. When he had started, he used to work as a clerk. He was earning a meager 1500 cents every month, but as a matter of his principles, he used to donate 10% of this income to charity. This way, he taught two lessons to the world. One, even if you start small, your consistent hard work and sincere efforts in the right direction can help you achieve big. Two, you do not necessarily have to be big to start charity.

Warren Buffet

When Warren Buffet was a teenager, he used to run a pinball machine franchise. At a much younger age, he used to sell bubble gums. It was at the age of just eleven when he had first delved into the stock market. There onwards, there was no looking back, and eventually, in the year 2008, he was given the title of the world’s richest man. He has emerged as a worldwide authority in the matters of money and investment.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most recent additions to the list. He is also one of the youngest in the list. He came to fame with his brainchild Facebook. The interesting and quite inspiring fact is that he had developed this social media site while he was living in his college dormitory.

Though the concept of social media was already there and there were many sites doing good business, such as mySpace, Mark made it much better. It means he did not invent a new concept; he just used an existing idea, worked on its improvement and created something that pushed him toward the heights of success.

When you go through the success stories of these entrepreneur role models, you definitely learn a lot of new things and get motivation to work harder with consistency and patience so that you can also grow as big as they are now.

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