4 Tips On How To Become A Personal Assistant

How To Become A Personal Assistant The role and profile of personal assistant has undergone evolution. Earlier they were perceived to be the less skilled and were often paid less as their tasks and job scope was not considered to be difficult. Today, personal assistants have a different bearing. Their skills and range of work can go from ticketing to managing big projects for their company or CEO.

The salaries drawn by personal assistants are nothing short of fantastic and in term of promotions and increments as well they in fact have the fastest moving completed tasks on day-to-day basis that offer them ample jumps in their career. However, there is a certain skill set required if you desire to be amongst the top notch high paying personal assistants often known as executive secretaries.

Tips to Become A Personal Assistant

More Than Brilliant Interpersonal Skills

The personal assistant is the face of the company or the CEO for whom they are working. The job scope mainly involves communicating the smallest details and to the biggest stories of complication and problem resolution. Hence, having immaculate personal skills is a must.

These interpersonal skills also play an essential role in working with colleagues and other hierarchies in pressurized environments. A personal assistant definitely cannot afford to be docile. Interpersonal skills involve verbal ability as well as written communication as the job details writing executive summaries, note taking and other report writing.

Gone Are the Days of the Typewriter

Personal assistants used to utilize the typewriters in the yesteryears. Right now is the age of computers and tablets. Thus, to be good personal assistant one needs to be adept with basic commuting packages like Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, emailing, notes, and some efficiency with monitoring and handing in data bases like Microsoft Access and Microsoft Project.

skills for personal assistant

Taking an advanced plunge having knowledge about e-commerce, search engine optimizations add more value to the skill set of the PA.

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Gadget Guru

It is important for the personal assistant to keep a keen eye on technology and develop interest for technology that can help the office or corporate to work at optimal levels. First of all, detailed operational knowledge of gadgets like photocopier, phones etc is a must. New products should be incorporated into the workspace to save time and efforts of other employees, a personal assistant is good person to suggest such changes and make apt recommendations for the same.

Efficiently Time Bound

The key to the success of any personal assistant is their ability to do things on time and roll the wheels of office all the time. Punctuality is an important feature coupled with organization skills, monitoring, research, noting down the behavior and timings of people, maintaining parameter of basic office decorum, correspondence , image creation ability for the company, along with supervising existing staff being some skills that a personal and ambitious personal assistant should concentrate on.

Being the first face of any organization the executive assistant should stand for confidentiality professionalism, self motivated and confident to carry out the all the activities in each days; check list. These are skills that will help you know how to become a personal assistant.