4 Tips On How To Become An Officer In The Army

 4 Tips on How to Become an Officer in the Army Being defence personnel is a promise of reputation; it stands for valour, courage and love or the country. It is slightly respected position that many people desire. However, it is not that simple to be a part of the army. It requires one to be extremely tough, disciplines and organised in their daily life approaches to be even eligible to withstand the severe training before being recruited into the army at any position.

Any person willing to join the army has two options one is the short service commission of contract for 5 years while the other is the permanent service commission whose recruitment lasts rill retirement. Here are few tips on how to become an officer in the army in India.

How To Become An Officer In The Army

Basic Education Required

The education required to join the Indian army as an army officer is diverse. You can have basic 10 years of school education till the any board+2 of junior college, or a graduate in any flied, or even be an engineering student. Any discipline graduation can suffice.

Basic Education Required

It does not need to be any particular subject of specialisations. Further post any of these aforementioned qualifications you need to give an NDA exam help by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) held each year to successfully qualify for training.

NDA Examination

This examination is conducted twice in a year in all major cities to garner admission form each corner for the country. It is only for boys between the year of 16.5 and 19. Most of the UPSC admission and application advertisements come in the major daily nationals in all languages.

The syllabus is mostly CBSE syllabus of from 5th standard to 12 standard all subjects, with a focus of geography, math, history and politics. This is followed on with an interview process that goes on for 5 days. If you pass this entire process then you will be sent to the Indian Military Academy for your pre commission training as per out service academy. The Gentlemen Cadets gains entry into the army.

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Combined Defence Services Examination (CDS)

This is another gateway to become an Indian army officer. The CDS is help twice a year targeted for graduates of equivalents.

Combined Defence Services Examination (CDS)

The procedure remains the same, on passing the exams the applicants are admitted to interviews post which they are taken forward for pre-commissioning training. The syllabus remains the same.

Physical Fitness A Must For Entry

Physical fitness is one of the most important criteria when it comes to being chosen in the India army. There are some strict parameters that one has to tally by to make it there. The minimum height for men is 157 cms, for women is 152 cms, the qualifying vision requirement is important.

It should not be anything less than 6/6 or 6/9 and definitely not colour blind or night blind. These are just some of the indicative physical criteria mentioned here.

To make it to the Indian army, one of the most powerful army in the world is not an easy task, but if you have got your fitness in place it could become relatively easier for you.