5 Best Exercise to Flatten Your Tummy

The most common body-image issue men come up with is having low confidence due to a large and protruded tummy. Pot bellies are quite a common sight, especially among men. It is because men store most of their body fat in the mid-section or the stomach area. The more calories you consume through fatty foods, soda and alcohol, the bigger you belly is going to grow. Since beer is a major cause of what is also known as “beer belly”, you should definitely keep a check on it, or avoid it totally. It is indeed very difficult to lose the fats around your stomach, but we are here to help you out with some excellent exercises. In the video that you see here, you will get to know about some extremely simple freehand exercises that will burn your fat fast and help you achieve the enviable flat stomach. These are mostly cardiovascular workouts and need to be done in quick succession and without giving a break in between. Please be regular at your prescribed workout regime and also make sure that your diet does not do an injustice to these strenuous and perspiring exercises. Have plenty of fibrous foods and avoid a carbohydrate-rich diet and fried foods.