5 Best Natural Remedies For Ulcers

5 Best Natural Remedies For Ulcers

Every year millions of people all across the world are diagnosed with stomach ulcers which damage your intestinal tract by making small holes or sores in it. The feeling of burning and gnawing in your stomach area are one of the most prominent symptoms of ulcers. The pain usually last from 30 minutes to 3hours and it mainly occurs either just below the breastbone or in the upper abdominal area.

However, with the help of some natural remedies, you can cure stomach ulcers without going through the pains and side-effects associated with the mainstream drugs. So, here are top five natural remedies for curing ulcers.

Top Natural Remedies For Ulcers

Benefits Of Raw Cabbage

Eating raw cabbage is one of the best natural remedies for curing stomach ulcers.It works very effectively and can make your ulcers disappear within a very short time. For better results, mix raw cabbage and carrots in a juicer and drink at least half a cup of this juice before every meal and also at bedtime.


Bananas And Its Advantages

Eating bananas everyday can be very effective in helping you to get rid of stomach ulcers. Bananas consist of a special antibacterial substance which can suppress the growth of H. pylori bacteria that causes ulcers. For rapid results, start eating three bananas a day and you will find tremendous improvement in your health.


However, eating plantains can also help in eliminating ulcers from your stomach.

Cayenne Pepper And Its Healing Properties

Cayenne pepper is a great herb which not only helps in healing ulcers but also soothes the pain and other symptoms associated with ulcers. Since, it is a strong herb so getting used to it may take a little effort. So, you should start drinking water mixed with 1/8th teaspoon of cayenne pepper and gradually keep on increasing the amount until you can handle a quarter-teaspoon of this herb.


However, if you find it very hard to drink water mixed with cayenne pepper then you may take it in the form of cayenne capsules which can be easily found in any health store. For better and rapid results, take three cayenne capsules everyday immediately after having your meal.

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Slippery Elm’s Bark

The stomach and the duodenum are marked by a mucous membrane which gets badly affected due to ulcer and thus causes pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. However, it is found that the bark of slippery elm helps in healing the mucous membrane and also soothes the pain.

slippery elm


It is mostly available in powdered form and according to some herbalist, drinking one glass of warm water mixed with slippery elm bark powder three times a day can bring immense relief from the painful symptoms of ulcers and also helps in healing your stomach.

Advantages Of Raw Honey

Raw honey not only tastes good but also has many health benefits. Taking raw honey everyday in the morning will reduce inflammation as well as help in healing your ulcer.

raw honey

As ulcer is mainly caused by unhealthy eating habits, so besides following these natural remedies you are also advised to maintain a healthy diet.