5 Diseases That Cause Sex Related Problems In Men

Cause Sex Related Problems In Men

It is not the issue of money but issue of a good healthy sexual relationship between couple that is causing break up in family bond now a day. It is seen that men are suffering from different kind sex related problems that are causing trouble in family life.

Types Of Sex Related Problems

The most common form of sex related problem that is seen today is erectile dysfunction or ED. In this disease the male organ does not get sufficient hardness to penetrate the vagina of female partner. The second common type is lack of sexual desire or libido. In this disease the man does not feel any sexual urge to make love. The third type is the problem of ejaculation. The most common type is premature ejaculation in which semen comes out of penis very early even before entering vagina of the partner. The Other two are delayed ejaculation or retrograde ejaculation or dry ejaculation (though orgasm takes place but no semen comes out of male organ). Now here are 5 top diseases or health conditions that can cause sex related problem in men.


Diabetes or increased sugar level in blood is one the dreaded diseases that can damage any part of human body slowly. Increased sugar level in blood damages nerve, arteries and blood cells which in turn gives birth to physical conditions that cause erectile dysfunction in men.


Cadiovascular Disease Or Heart Related Problem

For good erection good blood flow to the penis is necessary. But if your blood vessels are blocked with fat deposition blood can’t flow properly. It causes the dysfunction in erection of the male organ. Men who have high blood pressure also face erectile dysfunction.

Heart Related Problem

Psychological Problems

Intense mental stress, depression can cause loss of sexual desire or libido. Besides the fear of performing well at the time of sex or performance anxiety causes ejaculation problem in men.

Psychological Problems

Neurological Disorders

Nerve related diseases like epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis or MS etc damage nervous system that in turn brings sexual dysfunction in men.

Neurological Disorders

Renal Or Kidney Failure

If kidneys got damaged in the body of a man the increased level of toxic or waste products in the blood makes it difficult to carry out a healthy sexual life. However regular good dialysis can give relief. If kidneys are replaced healthy sexual life can be carried out consulting the doctor once the scar is healed.

Kidney Failure

Parting Thought: Treatments For Sex Related Problems

Now a day doctors listen to the man involved and his partner separately then make final diagnosis for sex related problem. Disease like heart problem and diabetes have good medicines today. With change in the life style and food habit these problems can be fought. For mental or psychological problems good consultation makes great difference. Consulting a good neurologist can decrease problems caused by neurological disorder.