5 Easy Methods To Lose Weight

There have been thousands of published works and a million varying opinions on the best methods of losing weight. However, reading so many different lines of thought on the same topic can be a little confusing for people who are actually looking for a way to lose weight in a healthy way.

This article is an attempt to make it easy for all those who want to lose weight in a sustainable and healthy manner by following five simple methods recommending daily physical activities, diet plan of what to eat and more importantly when to eat.

Methods To Lose Weight

Methods to Lose Weight

Aerobic Exercise before Breakfast

No matter what different articles tell you, the actual fact is that, you do burn fat when you undertake aerobic or cardio-vascular exercises in the morning before having your breakfast. At that time your body is low on glycogen levels since usually the gap between the last meal taken that is dinner and breakfast the next morning is almost ten to twelve hours.

Thus, once you start exercising in the morning before having breakfast it’s the fat content in the body that gets used up. Doing regular cardio exercise also means that your general metabolism rate will improve with time.

Aerobic Exercise

Thus, you will be burning calories at a better rate throughout the day. An aerobic exercise regime may include jogging outdoor or on a treadmill, cycling, skipping, walking up and down the stairs and aerobic floor exercises etc.

Healthy Breakfast Leads to a Slimmer YOU

Having a healthy breakfast is a great method to lose weight. A healthy breakfast would comprise of foods with lots of fiber rich content, vitamins and essential minerals for the body. If you are trying to lose weight the breakfast should be low on carbohydrates and fats and high on protein.

Skipping breakfast may actually make it more difficult to lose weight. The body has a mind of its own, so when after the entire night the body does not get food in the morning it gets itself into self preservation mode where it reduces your metabolism rate and burns less calorie, so even if you eat less food in the morning later on in the day the body starts storing it as fat.

Hence, a healthy breakfast keeps your hunger away and ensures that calorie burning rate of your body does not decrease.

Food Consumption at Regular Intervals

There are two main reasons why people gain weight. It is either because they eat more than their body can burn or because their body metabolism rate is low and hence fat storage takes place. It could also be a combination of both factors.

Now the best way to reverse this process is by dividing your food intake into small portions and having it at regular time intervals from morning till evening. This works in three ways. Firstly, by following this routine you will never really feel hungry and hence less likely to over eat.

Food Consumption

Secondly, since your body is getting small portions of food at regular intervals the food has enough time to completely burn and not get stored away in the body as fat. Also, food intake at regular intervals means the body knows that you will have no problem in getting food throughout the day, so it maintains a healthy metabolic rate, thus burning away more calories and reducing fat from your body.

To top it you should avoid having any solid food or high calorie drink right before you go to sleep. In other words have your dinner at least four to five hours before you go to sleep.

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Weight and Resistance Training

Weight and resistance training under professional guidance in a gym or at home is another sure shot way to lose weight. To explain this in brief, these trainings are used to build and strengthen muscle groups.

Now every time we do such exercises not only do we burn calories at the time of doing it, but the muscles on which the exercise is focused keeps doing a building and repairing work throughout the day, which ensures more calories are burnt for the majority part of your day, and fat cut out of your body.

Eat Right Food to Lose Weight

Foods that satisfy your cravings, keeps you hunger free for a long period of time and also contains minimum calories or helps in reducing fat storage are like your best friends when you are trying to lose weight. A few of them are:


Oats is very rich in fiber content which helps in cutting down the cholesterol level in the body. It is probably one of the best forms of carbohydrate intake you can have in your diet if you are willing to see quicker results in your task of losing weight.

Low fat Milk and Yogurt

Low fat Milk and Yogurt

High source of protein and other vitamins, low fat milk and yogurt fill up your tummy for a long period and help you in avoiding binge eating.


A great food item specially for losing weight. But, it is not recommended to have more than two a day with yolks if you are serious about keeping your weight down, unless you are into rigorous physical activity. However, having said that you can easily gulp down five to six boiled egg whites which will keep your hunger at bay.


Fish fat contains Omega 3 fatty acid which helps you cut down cholesterol in your body thus contributing significantly in your endeavor to lose weight.


Having small amount of chilies in your meal helps you to burn more calories. Chilies have a chemical called capsaicin which has thermogenic properties which helps you burn more calories just twenty minutes after you have had chilies.
Other food items which also help in reducing weight if taken in moderate amounts are: almonds, olive oil, soya products, lentils etc.

All the above methods, if followed properly, will help you to lose weight. All you need to have is a little will power and patience to see it through. However, before following any particular weight loss program or method it is highly recommended to seek advice from your physician to see if that particular approach is correct for your medical condition.