5 Effective Tips To Control The Production Of Sebum

Keep The Face Clean Sebum is produced through the activity of sebaceous glands and these glands are present in most of the body parts. Most of the sebaceous glands open in a hair follicle. Sebum is very essential for the body because it helps to reduce the natural loss of water from the body and it also protects the body from the bacterial infections.

However, if the production of sebum in the body is more than the required quantity then it can result in many skin problems, the major one being the problem of acne. Acne is the root cause of many skin problems. Production of sebum in men is more than women. However its production reduces after menopause in woman. The activity of hormones at different stages of life affects the production of sebum.

It is very essential to control the production of sebum in order to avoid skin problems and discomfort. Just follow the following tips and guideline to control the level and activity of sebum and see the difference in the beauty and look of your skin.

Control Hormone Imbalance

The increased activity of sebaceous glands to produce sebum may increase because of the increased activity of hormones. Hormones imbalance may be due to various reasons like pregnancy, puberty etc. It is necessary to balance these hormones to control the production of sebum.

This can be done by having adequate sleep and rest. Sleep helps to reduce the level of stress in the body and this in turn helps to control the secretion of hormones. Meditation is also very helpful to relax the mind. So, it is very essential to make meditation part of the daily routine. Increase the intake of water and liquids in the diet. This helps to flush the toxins out of the body so take at least 9-10 glasses of water daily.

Healthy lifestyle can help to control the imbalance in the hormone activity so stick to healthy life style on regular basis. Minor changes in the life style like going for a short walk regularly, indulging in some hobby like reading, singing, swimming etc will relax and calm the mind from various tensions of life and this will in turn help to control the level of stress in the body and ultimately help to balance the disturbed hormones. So, lifestyle is directly related to the quality of skin. Follow a healthy lifestyle on regular basis and see the difference yourself.

Use Clay Masks and Homemade Remedies

Clay mask is very helpful in reducing the production of sebum. Using this mask twice a week is very essential to control acne. Home remedies can be used to make the mask to control the level of sebum. Use mixture of crushed strawberries, yogurt and aloe Vera and apply it on the areas which are prone to excess sebum.

Let it be there on the skin for about 15 -20 minutes then wash it with warm water. This will very gently remove excess sebum from the skin and give a very good glow to the skin. Apply lemon juice and honey on the face to get rid of extra oil from the skin. These remedies are safest option as they are not chemical based. These remedies may show results late but they are very effective in the long run. So it is better to stick to these remedies.

Right Diet Shows Effective Results

Right diet can help to control the production of sebum in the body. Uncooked vegetables are considered very good to lower the sebum production level. The reason for this is that the uncooked vegetables contain amino proteins that have a big hand in lowering the production of sebum.

sebum control

So, increase the intake of uncooked vegetables in your diet. Also avoid the junk, oily and the food stuff rich in fats as these food products increase the production of sebum and lead to acne. Eating green leafy vegetables and fruits is must to avoid acne. Include green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet for better results.

Avoid Using Oil Based Beauty Product

One may get tempted to use beauty products to get beautiful skin because of availability of large variety of skin products. But these skin products may worsen the situation if the right choice of these products is not made. These beauty products may harm the sebum prone skin and it may make it more prone to acne and other skin problems. So, it is very essential to use anti acne skin products as they help to control the level of oil on the skin.

Using oily skin care products may make the skin oilier and result in more pimples and black head. Make sure that even the makeup products for the sebum prone skins are used very carefully. These products should be water based. Using the wrong skin products may increase the production of sebum in the skin and may aggravate the problem and lead to sever skin problems so choose the products keeping the anti acne factor in mind.

Keep The Face Clean

Washing the face can control the effects of sebum on the skin. Moreover excess of sebum makes the skin look very oily and shiny so it becomes very essential to get rids of extra sebum which spoils the looks of the face. It is very essential to use a good quality herbal anti acne face wash for acne prone skin as face wash with harsh chemicals can make the skin dry and dull.

Use of Luke warm water is a better option for excess sebum prone skin. Secretion of excess of sebum results in increasing the chances of bacterial infection so make sure to clean the skin frequently.

It is not that the amount of sebum cannot be controlled. Though it is difficult to control it but it is surely possible to do that. Patience and regular hard work can help to decrease and control the level of sebum. So, make skin care a regular part of your daily routine and you yourself can see the difference in the quality and look of the skin.

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