5 Essential Tips On How To Become A Parole Officer

How to Become a Parole Officer A parole officer is an agent from law enforcement who looks after the criminal after he is off jail from a partial sentence. A parole officer needs to check, supervise and monitor the whether the parolee, that is, the criminal on release for the moment is sticking to the condition on which he obtained the parole.

Becoming a parole office is not an easy task, but below mentioned are few step-wise-step tips on how to become a parole office.

Tips to Become a Parole Officer 

Do You Have The Qualities To Become One?

Are you someone who liked to travel? Do fieldwork? Meet dangerous people with a criminal bent? Work on the whims and fancies of the court? Deal with drug testing procedures like collecting urine? Can you meet Deadlines? Do you have patience? Do you have great communication skills? Do you exude authority?

Do you possess physical and emotional endurance? Are you stable-headed? If your answer to even one of the questions is a no then probably you should oust becoming a parole officer from your career options. If your answer is yes then read the five essential steps on how to become a Parole Officer below

Education, A Must-Must

The basic minimum education requires is Graduation and a Master. Of course subjects like sociology, criminal psychology, and other justice related specialisation can add more value to you procuring an officer’s title.

Education, A Must-Must

Graduation is even more important if you have desire to gain entry into the federal government as a parole officer.

Checking Your Backgrounds Before The Criminal’s

As the job of a parole office revolves around working with criminals it is but natural for the law enforcement agencies to check background of the candidate concerned.

These security and background checks will involve securing the and cross checking the violations, charges, cases, misbehaviour or any other criminal or ordinary complaint against the candidate, These will be taken into consideration while admitting the person in the course. In today’s day and age when terrorist activities are on a rise these are more than mandatory for security reasons.

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It’s Time To Pass The Parole Exam

After the background check the next step will be to sit for the parole exam. These exams will reflect the knowledge and the skills of the candidate in areas of court systems and the criminal justice system and cases. These exams are administered and conducted in all states, cities and counties and federal government.

The parole examination is simple testing questions on general parole rules, institutions, and specific subjects. The exams will be in the form of multiple choice questions along with a small set of questions on reading, comprehension and writing to test the verbal and English communication skills.

The Main Parole Officer Training Program

The officer training program can be attended either before or after starting work. This training program lasts for 4-6 weeks. This training program has many workshops, seminars other skilled practices which a parole officer can learn from. Irrespective of the parole officer course being attended, they are paid while on duty.