5 Exercises To Boost Metabolism

5 Exercises To Boost Metabolism

By now everyone who is into fitness understands the importance of metabolism.Metabolism is the amount of calories burnt by the body to maintain it. Metabolism is highly affected by composition of body.

If you have a muscular body, you would burn more calories as opposed to if your body has deposits of fat. More calories burnt would lead to a leaner body. As you can understand it is a vicious circle.

You might have often read about how eating at regular intervals and exercising right can boost the metabolism. What if you know certain exercises that would specifically target the metabolism and help enhancing it? Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

Boost Your Metabolism Through Exercises

Weight Training

People doing weight are often mistaken as body-builders or one who want to pump up their body. People avoid using weight during exercising in gyms because they do not want to end up looking like a WWE fighter.Even women tend to ignore weights citing reasons like it would make them looking bulky. Truth is pumping iron would increase muscle strength and mass.

weight training
And as claimed earlier the more muscle mass you have the more calories you would burn.  You could begin with picking up lowest weighing weights and increasing them as you gain expertise. Replace the dumbbells with a bottle filled with water and use it while brisk walking or doing routine exercises.You could also ask your gym trainer to suggest you exercise with weights so as to burn maximum calories.

Aerobics and Treadmill

Any Cardiovascular exercise which requires swift movement is good to increase your heart rate. Try Aerobics, Pilates or simply brisk walking on treadmill with some elevation to optimise the metabolic rate. Best part of doing cardio-vascular workout is that metabolism remains high for several hours even after you have finished exercising.


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Circuit Training

A combination of aerobics and strength training exercise would definitely give metabolism that required push. You could begin with slow paced aerobics for say 10 minutes and then pick up those weights and repeat this after small intervals.

curcit training

This exercise regime breaks monotony gradually increases the heart beat and combines both forms of exercise i.e. cardio and weights. No wonder people who train under circuit training 3 times a week lose weight easily then those who don’t.

Jumping or Jogging on spot

One metabolism boosting exercise you can do right now and benefit from is jumping on spot. Make sure you are jumping on hard surface with good sneakers so as to avoid hurting your ankles.


You could also add rope to make the exercise more rigorous. Alternatively if you don’t fancy jumping, you could jog on the spot either ways you are doing your bid to increase your metabolic weight.


People often underestimate the power of stretching and bends prescribed in Yoga passing them off as cooling exercise and hurry past it. These stretch and pose actually strength your core muscles. Asanas like locust pose, bow pose, bridge pose and plow pose improve digestion and blood circulation,help body and mind relax.


Surya namashkar is another fantastic full body workout in yoga. Combine these exercises with  healthy eating habits and get the body that you desire with  high calorie burning metabolic rate.