5 Important Tips To Motivate Employees

5 Important Tips To Motivate Employees Employee motivation is an important task for every manager/ supervisor. If employees are not motivated towards their work, high performance levels cannot be expected from them. Employees play a critical role in the success of any organization. By performing various activities they contribute towards achievement of an organization’s goals and objectives.

Employees have their own opinions and perceptions. They have values and emotions which influence the way they carry out their day to day responsibilities.

Employees may feel frustrated in case they find favoritism at work place and non recognition of their efforts by the management. It is very important for an organization to ensure that employees remain satisfied at all the times.

5 Important Tips which Can Be Used To Motivate Employees

Assign Challenging Work

Employees may not feel satisfied with the work they perform on a daily basis. Many employees are always looking for different and challenging assignments which can help them gain more exposure and value in terms of enhancement of their knowledge and skills.

Employees may feel highly motivated in case of any task which may require extra responsibility and initiative on their part.  Hence, an important part in employee motivation is to encourage initiatives and promote new ideas within the team.

Reward Properly

Employees who contribute more than what is expected from them may look for extra incentives. Though they may never ask for any reward, it is the responsibility of management to ensure that their work is properly recognized and awarded. Employees may not always want monetary benefits but even non monetary incentives like appreciation and recognition can help increase their motivation.

 Tips To Motivate Employees

Timely appraisals and promotion will make employees more loyal towards the organization and will encourage them to go beyond their normal capabilities for the maximum benefit of the organization. Any delay in such recognition can generate a feeling of dissatisfaction which can have adverse consequences.

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Listen to Grievances

Employees may have their own grievances. A supervisor should conduct regular meetings with all his/her team members to discuss any issues they may be facing.

Even though emphasis should be on work related problems, a supervisor should not hesitate to discuss personal problems in case an employee wants to discuss the same.

Any manager can gain confidence in his/her team members by discussing and resolving issues as and when they arise. A quick resolution of problems increases motivation and helps employees to focus more on their work.

Communicate Openly

Employees feel highly discouraged when they get important information from other sources. A manager/supervisor should make timely and honest communication with the employees.

He/She should understand the impact of such a delay in communication. Similarly, he/she should encourage open communication from his/her subordinates and also between the team members. By encouraging open communication, a manager is better informed on problems that may later crop in.

Give Importance to Self Respect

Human beings are sensitive to many issues. Critical issues should be discussed in private meetings and not in front of the entire staff. Treating employees with respect can go a long way in improving their overall performance and motivation levels.

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