5 Reason Of Erectile Dysfunction In Men

Reason Of Erectile Dysfunction In Men

Erection is a complex response of male reproductive system which involves multiple factors, ranges from physical to psychological issues. Ejaculation process is controlled by central nervous system, peripheral nervous system, hormonal and vascular component. Male infertility occurs due to numerous sexual problems which come under both psychological and physical determinants. In general, both the determinants are interrelated. Impotence has several characteristics such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and ejaculatory incompetence.

Ejaculation dysfunction is the physiological condition when penis does not becomes sufficiently erect or firm. Premature ejaculation is the condition when uncontrollable ejaculation takes place. Premature ejaculation causes infertility as before insertion of the penis into partner’s vagina ejaculation takes place. Ejaculatory incompetence is a rare event when men cannot ejaculate during sexual intercourse but they can ejaculate normally through masturbation.

Five Major Causes For Ejaculation Dysfunction Are Discussed Below:

Disturbed Mental Health

Disturbed mental health

Mental health disturbance causes ejaculation dysfunction. Anxiety is often a great problematic issue for ejaculation. Stress and anxiety intervene sexual functioning of male. This “performance anxiety” can be overcome by consultation with physician. Depression also causes erectile dysfunction. Certain psychological issues which include nervousness or self-conscious about sex; feeling of exhausted due to heavy workload, disturbed emotional feeling about personal relationship etc have direct effect on ejaculation. The open discussions with partners help to overcome the problem and help to maintain a healthy sexual life. Concurrent failures of ejaculation create a fear or psychological distress that causes further erectile failure.

Physiological Issues

Erectile dysfunction due to physiological issues is more dangerous than mental issues. Generally, numbers of physiological causes are more frequent than mental ill health. The associated diseases which can hamper ejection are hypertension, high cholesterol level, cardiovascular diseases, reduction of male reproductive hormones secretion, certain reproductive cancer and high blood sugar.

Consultation with physician and restricted life style help to improve chronic disease conditions which are helpful for maintaining normal sexual life. Other than these, systemic and respiratory disorders are also hampering the ejaculation. Certain conditions include losing elasticity of the skin, renal failure; chronic liver problem, bronchial obstruction etc. also create erectile dysfunction. Different neuro- vascular and endocrinal dysfunctions causes ejaculation dysfunctions. These disorders mainly affect muscular tissues of penis and alter the ejaculation process.

Physiological issues

Neuronal dysfunctions which cause ejaculation dysfunction are epilepsy, stroke, Parkinson disease, Alzheimer disorder, multiple sclerosis etc. Cardiovascular diseases include arthrosclerosis, peripheral vascular dysfunction causes ejaculation problem. Blood disorders specifically sickle cell anemia and leukemia has great effects in ejaculation. Imbalance secretion of testosterone and prolactin hormone has direct effect on ejaculation dysfunction. Other endocrinal diseases such as Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, Hypogonadism also modify the ejaculation rate.

Therapeutic Agents

Frequent use of certain medications to treat other co-morbidity may cause erectile dysfunction. In this case consultation with doctor can resolve the issue. Some common medications which have side effects as erectile dysfunction are antidepressants, antipsychotics, antihypertensive drugs, ulcer protective drugs, chemotherapeutic agents, drugs that lower cholesterol level, abuse of alcohol and other narcotic drugs like marijuana and cocaine etc.

Therapeutic Agents

Surgical Procedure

Injury in the nerves or the arteries near the penis due to surgery in the pelvic region causes erectile dysfunction. Nerves, blood vessels and associated tissues help to maintain the proper firmness and erection. Prostate or other reproductive or genital organ surgery may damage important accessory organs and hampers erection. Brain and spinal cord surgery may cause erectile dysfunction as central nervous system control the erection.

Surgical Procedure

Accidental Trauma

Another potential factor in the development of erectile dysfunction is accidental trauma or injuries which damage the penis or associated organs. In Peyronie’s disease, penis is usually bent or become loop like structured during erection and causes erectile dysfunction. This disease occurs due to formation of wound inside the penis. Prolong bicycle riding has also been included as a cause of erectile dysfunction. Soft seats of bicycle which prevent increment of pressure and temperature on the perineum (the area between the anus and the scrotum) can resolve the issue.

Many co-morbidity like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, stress, over and under production of hormone in endocrine gland, surgical procedure in pelvic region, trauma due to accident, venous leakage has an adverse effect on erection. Hostile effects of some prescribed medications such as Prozac and other SSRIs, Propeciaetc also causes ejaculation dysfunction. But this disorder can be treatable if the proper etiology of the condition is evaluated. Maximum time psychological therapy helps to overcome the problems. Other than this, factor with increasing of age, maximum male face the ejaculation dysfunction may be due to decrease physical ability or concurrent medication. In this condition penis not become erect or firm like previous and more direct contact is required to sensitizing the penis.

Accidental Trauma