5 Reasons Why Men Need A Change Of Lifestyle

You may be working late at the office, spending sleepless nights over your upcoming project, switching between laptop and your child’s homework and doing enough to exhaust you at the end of the day. Even though you find yourself working day and night, your body may signal that you are not fit enough.

A bulging tummy, big butt, cracked nails, tarnished toes, dull skin, dark under eyes and easily overpowering fatigue and are some of the consequences of your over burdening lifestyle. But the body has a limit to which it can exert itself. If you do not do effort towards preserving and grooming your body, it can soon turn unhealthy. A host of diseases, which wait for the right opportunity to afflict your unfit body, get an opportune time to invade.

 Why Men Need A Change Of Lifestyle

Over 67 percent of American men have been found to be obese. While obesity essentially does not mean ill health, it can certainly be considered a harbinger. Obesity is a common outcome of the improper lifestyle of today’s men. There are many others including the more damaging ones like cardiovascular disorder and infertility.

5 reasons why men desperately need lifestyle changes have been discussed here. May be one provides the right motivation for you.

Reasons Why Men Need A Change Of Lifestyle

Ancient Man vs. Modern Man

The ancient man, who was a hunter, used to spend considerable time indulging in physical activities. There were abundant opportunities to engage in physical labor and an exercise regime was out of the mind. This, nonetheless, worked favorably in keeping the body active and fit.

Today, more than ever, increasing number of men follow an office work culture; an inactive job and lifestyle has become the norm. Although corporate culture may work partially in including physical fitness as an agenda, much cannot be achieved without your personal initiative.

Occasional exercising

Occasional exercising (like working at a gym) may not serve the purpose (although you may have psychological satisfaction). The body has to exert regularly, so you need to provide the motivation also habitually.

Effortless and Yielding Eating Habits

You may feel grabbing a burger a day would not make any difference to your eating habits, since you consume the regular food the remaining day. But in no time, your taste buds can compel you to crave for similar such food items which are so very unhealthy and bad for health.

Processed foods can do more harm than you might be thinking.  The unfavorable eating habits can eventually take a toll on your health before your realization. Your body craves for nutrition and healthy food items. Restricting fats and oils is crucial. Men need abundant poultry, fish, green vegetables, fruits and rice for developing lean muscles.

Reduced life Expectancy

Unfavorable lifestyle promotes many unhealthy elements, and reduced life expectancy is not ruled out.  A study was done by the Oxford University regarding the health of 19,000 men for about 40 years. The study points out that (middle aged) smokers who were at the risk of high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels could reduce their longevity by 10-15 years as against those who were not exposed to the risk.

Reduced life Expectancy

According to the study, smokers could expect longevity of 74 years, whereas non-smokers (who did not have the risks of high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol) could expect to live up to 83 years of age. Longer life span has been linked to substantially improved lifestyle (without smoking habit). Change in diet is also believed to be a contributor.

Increasing infertility

While about one third of infertility arises due to female infertility, another one-third is due to male infertility. In the remaining cases, the exact reason behind infertility may be unclear.

Infertility is a cause of concern, which not only promotes a sense of lack of physical fitness but also emotional trauma for couples. Besides other factors, the general health of men is also an important factor for infertility. Poor nutrition, alcohol and tobacco consumption, obesity, drug addiction, etc. can also lead to infertility among men.

Men dealing with infertility issues are recommended to avoid tobacco and drug consumption, control (or reduce) weight and avoid stress (which may adversely affect sperm quality).

Lack of philosophy

In the rush to achieve success and achieve targeted outcomes, there is a lack of philosophy in your life. Philosophy can be incorporated in many forms – religion being an important one – into your lifestyle to enhance its quality.

It may not have a direct effect on your physical health but it can provide ample opportunities to achieve mental health and well-being. Meditation can emerge as an important tool to fight stress and elevate mental fitness, which indirectly contributes to physical (and overall) fitness.

Men are said to be wild and strong; they create their own rules and are seldom followers of a regimen, contrary to women. Women are believed to be better than men in pampering themselves – whether by following a fitness regime or dedicating time for make-up. Whatever is the form of grooming and pampering, the idea is to rejuvenate the body which works relentlessly every hour, every day.