5 Reasons Why Men On Men Love Is Completely Acceptable

5 Reasons Why Men On Men Love Is Completely Acceptable There is absolutely nothing wrong with men loving men. While you might initially face some social stigma because of being gay, do note that hiding your sexuality is not a wise thing in the long run.You stand a greater chance of finding a partner, being respected for who you are and of being happier if you freely and proudly express the fact that you are gay.

Here are 5 important reasons why you should open up about your sexuality.

Reasons Why Men On Men Love Is Completely Acceptable

Acceptance Comes When You Are Assertive

As long as you feel bad about yourself and blame yourself for being gay, you cannot gain any acceptance from others. And if you are hiding the fact that you are gay from your family or friends or anyone in particular, you are blaming yourself for being gay.

Remember that most people don’t even know why they are discriminating between homosexuals and heterosexuals. They are simply socially conditioned to do so. However, if you are bold enough to tell them why being gay is perfectly natural, they may accept you and understand you more. Instead of bowing to other people’s non-acceptance, unabashedly be yourself and give them a chance to accept you as you are.

In the short run you may feel accepted if you hide your sexuality, but in the long run, a lot of people will respect you for your choices if you proudly assert that you are gay without denying the fact.

It Is OK To Lose Some People

When you hide the fact that you are gay from people close to you, you do that because of the fear of losing them. But, the truth is that people who do not respect you for who you truly are, are not truly intimate with you anyway. They like a false image of you. It is better to rid yourself of these people – because in the long term you will get tired of pretending before them.

It can be very daunting at first, but be clear and transparent about your sexuality with everyone intimate with you. You will automatically filter out some people this way but remember that those who stay are the ones who accept you on a very deep level.

You will love spending time with these people because they will love you for who you are. But you will attract these people in your life only if you are honest about your sexuality and allow people who don’t accept you to move away.

Don’t Miss Out On Potential Partners

When you are assertive about your sexuality, other people who are gay will feel encouraged to tell you about their sexuality. People may also refer you to or fix up dates for you with other gay people. And who knows, a chance meeting might end up in a life long partnership!

On the other hand, if you hide your sexuality from most people, you will miss out on the chance to meet so many potential partners. You may face less criticism but you will also minimize your chances of finding someone you can spend a really good time and maybe life with.

Tell yourself that you are amazing just as you are and announce your sexuality to the world. Boldness has power in it, and you might soon see a lot of wonderful relationship matches showing up in your life.

Your Self Esteem Matters

Every time you hide the fact that you are gay from someone, you tell yourself that you are in some way lower than others. This is not true at all.

For a higher sense of self, every human being needs to share his truest feelings and opinions. Going ahead and talking about your sexuality will help you respect yourself. You will automatically start feeling wonderful just as you are. Higher self esteem is essential to achieve anything substantial in life and you can take your first step by being proud of being gay and sharing this fact.

The World Is Becoming More Accepting By The Day

One important fact to note is that people throughout the world are becoming more and more accepting about homosexuality. Many countries have already legalized gay marriage and some others are in the process of doing so. Therefore, you can safely assume that in the years to come acceptance and respect for gays will definitely increase.

You can help this ‘acceptance movement’ by being proud of your sexuality. Everytime you hide the fact that you are gay, you are opposing the acceptance of homosexuals worldwide because you are honouring the judgement of others over what is true for you. On the other hand, everytime you happily share the fact that you are gay, you are honouring the worldwide movement to promote the acceptance of gay people.

At the core of this article, here’s what I want to say: Realize that being gay is not wrong at any level and therefore you can feel free to share you sexuality with others. You may experience some criticism in the short term but you will not only enjoy greater acceptance in the long term, but you will also feel better about yourself by accepting your sexuality.