5 Ridiculously Most Expensive Suit Brands

5 Ridiculously Most Expensive Suit Brands

Suits are an attraction for men and even more with women. Suits are usually expensive and when it comes to branded ones, they even cost a bomb. Check out five ridiculously most expensive suit brands for they are an epitome of quality and price. Although, the community of buyers for this segment is relatively small; there still exist the crème the la crème who prefer to be adorned in such wonderful pieces of clothing simply because they want to be unique and a class apart.

5 Ridiculously Most Expensive Suit Brands  

Exorbitant Prices Of Suit Brands

Corporate big-wigs, royalty, rock stars and celebrities of the tinsel town sport such expensive suit brands for an image that costs them more than the brand itself. Although basic suits come in the range of $300 and $600, there are premium suits by luxury brands that cost you in the range of $2000 and $3500.

And for the luxurious few, branded made-to-measure celebrity suit makers will make stuff that range well above $5000 and go up to a whopping $10,000 as well. A blend of skill, labor and fabric plus material gives the suit its jaw-dropping price tag. Listed below are some of the big brands with diverse products yet make a million dollar name in suit making as well. These suit brands make suits that are exorbitantly expensive.

(1)   Gucci, with Tom Ford’s impeccable designs made a Jacquard suit with grey stripes with a price tag of $2600. The lines were contemporary and the fit immaculate. These suits had both made-to-measure options and the others but the former made for only 10% higher sales than the latter.


(2)   The Newman suit was introduced by Valentino and is probably one of the most expensive suits to be sold off the shelves. $3500 is the price for made-to-measure alternatives and the other segment is priced at $2695.

Newman suit

(3)   Suits made in year round wool and blue pinstripe made by Yves Saint Laurent are priced at $2195. However, there were no made-to-measure choices available.

Yves Saint Laurent

(4)   Dolce & Gabbana’s top of the class suits in black pinstripe were priced at $2195.

Dolce & Gabbana’s

(5)   Finally or rather nowhere to be featured in the list of $2000+ are the luxury celebrity tailors who make suits above $5000. These suits are exclusive to the business elite and royalty to give them the flawless look and style.

attraction for men

Ridiculously Expensive Suits  

Some of the big names in this segment include H. Huntsman, Jon Green, William Fioravanti, Jay Kos and Leonard Logsdail. The material used in their suits is nothing but the best and cover half the price charged. Suits from these suit makers are made-to-measure and dress up a man in a way that he deserves to and range between $3800 and $10,500.

These suits are made in super merino wool of different exceptional qualities and make you feel royal when you wear them. Suits with extremely exorbitant prices are sold in minimal numbers of 15 or 20 a year but is still a billion dollar business. Recession or economy does not seem to affect this community of people who are willing to shell out thousands of dollars for a look they need.