5 Side Effects Of Hair Transplantation

Side Effects Of Hair Transplantation

Natural hair is the essence of beauty and glamour and scientists conducted researches and testing over decades to derive a formula which will increase hair thickness. Loss of hair can come naturally with advancement of age. But premature baldness can be due to some other reasons such as heredity or improper digestive system. In the past, growing hair on bald head was a mere dream that can only be realized with false hair. It is now possible to grow hair on bald head with a process called ‘hair transplant’. Although this revolutionary discovery came like a boon for all, however, there are some side effects of hair transplantation which may lasts for a week or ten days.

Common Side Effects Of Hair Transplantation


Many individuals who have tried hair transplantation complained about itching sensation after the process. The irritation might last for a week or so. Regularly washing hair with doctor prescribed shampoo can be beneficial.



One of the most common side effects of hair transplantation is swelling. There is nothing to worry about because the procedure is such that it can cause foreheads to swell. If you are not embarrassed about your looks or you can stay a few days inside your house then there is no need for additional medicines. The swelling will subside naturally with course of time.



Hair transplantation surgery requires stitching of biological components on bald area so that the hair can grow naturally once it is associated with skin cells. It is a very fine process that requires high precision. There may be extreme cases when the patient suffers from non stop bleeding. This is a very rare case but small amount of blood is very common.



The areas where hair is transplanted surgically could develop small pimple like outgrowths. These are not harmful and they disappear after 2-3 weeks.



There is a momentary numbness associated after transplantation which lasts for some weeks. But it is not permanent.


None of the side effects of hair transplantation is permanent and they could lasts for some weeks at most. The procedure of hair transplantation requires several sittings. Therefore, you need to be patient to see the end result.