5 Steps On How Do I Become A Notary

5 Steps On How Do I Become A Notary According to Indian law, notary is defined as the person who is legally empowered to witness signatures and certify a document’s validity and to take depositions. This field is totally based upon the study of law.

The least needed for being a notary is ten years of practise as an advocator, or an officer in the legal department as an advocate or judge, an officer who has worked under the Central or State government of India.Here are some suggested steps to become a notary-

Tips To Becoming A Notary

Get The Minimum Qualification

To be a notary, one should have the degree of L.L.B. To get this degree, the candidate has to give an entrance examination. CLAT is a very common test undergone to qualify the students who want to do courses like L.L.B, B.A. etc.

Get The Minimum Qualification

This common test is carried on every year for selecting students for L.L.B. The CLAT consists of the topics like mathematics of elementary level, general knowledge, which includes current affairs, common English, reasoning and aptitude problems.

Getting The Degree

Once you have the degree of L.L.B., and then you have to get necessary internship. The internship is necessary to understand the constitution or law.

Register Yourself

Register Yourself

Once you have got the degree of L.L.B. you have to register yourself as an advocate in any State Bar Council which is been governed by the advocates act of 1961. It is a necessary step of getting a notary license.

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Enrolment To Notary

After you are completed with the above steps, you have to practise law for 10 years which is a necessary requirement of notary. The time limit for woman candidates, scheduled tribes/scheduled castes and other backward classes is at least 7 years. Once you have completed the course, you are eligible for applying in the notary.

In case, you are not practising legally, you should have the membership in the Indian Legal Service or you should have an office under the Central or state Government, which requires special knowledge about the law after you have your enrolment as an advocate or have been chosen in the department of judge, general in advocate, armed forces etc.

Submission Of The Articles Needed For Notary License

To get the license of the notary, the applicant should submit the important documents needed, as stated under the rules. If the authority is satisfied with your documents and your eligibility, you will get your notary license.

Submission Of The Articles Needed For Notary License

Hence, called as a notary. The applicant’s name will be filed in the register of notaries which has been recorded by the Government of India. The charges for the issue of your first certificate of practice with the time span of 5 years is rupees one thousand and the renewal charges is rupees five hundred.

Notary is legal process which gives you the authority and legal power to certify any document. The applicant can go with other courses as well for example- M. Phil(law), Ph.D. (Law), entrance exam of the notary, All India Bar exam, ICFAI Law School Admission test, NALSAR University of law entrance examination.