5 Symptoms Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD Classified as an anxiety disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD is said to affect an individual’s normal though processes to no end. An individual suffering from OCD tend to be very obsessive/compulsive about certain things. This obsession would be so severe that it would have the potential to affect the individual physically, emotionally, and socially.

Types Of OCD

OCD is generally classified into four types. These include aggressive, symmetry, contamination and hoarding. Although the symptoms for all four types of OCD would be different, the ensuing result would be the same.

Individuals with the aggressive type of OCD tend to be very obsessive about sexual, religious, and harmful events. For example, an individual with aggressive OCD would always be afraid of being punished terribly if they tend to something wrong.

The Bymmetry type of OCD is characterized by an individual’s obsession with order, counts and arrangements. In this case, the individual in question would most likely be superstitious about certain numbers or colors, and would get very upset if something was not in order.

OCD that deals with contamination is characterized by the individual’s fear of being contaminated if he/she is not clean enough. Such people would never venture out on fear of contracting infections. They would tend to keep on washing their hands and faces to feel safe.


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The last type of OCD deals with hoarding in the sense an individual who suffers from the condition would feel afraid to throw something out, even if he/she does not want to use it anymore. He/she would be obsessed with the fact that something terrible will happen if he/she throws out something. And so, he/she would tend to hoard anything and everything, and would get scared at the very thought of disposing something.

Symptoms Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

So how do you go about recognizing the symptoms of OCD in an individual? Here are some tell tale symptoms of OCD that you can easily recognize in individuals who suffer from the condition.The symptoms of OCD are classified into either obsessive or compulsive actions.

A person who suffers from obsessive OCD would tend to be very scared of contamination, hoardings, religious sentiments, and superstitions. He/she would constantly be concerned about order and symmetry, would focus on religious morals and would tend to react adversely if someone does not follow the precautions he/she does.


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On the other hand, a person suffering from compulsive OCD would keep on double checking everything he/she does to make sure nothing is wrong. For example, he/she would keep on checking the locks, switches, or lights in the house to make sure they function properly.

He/she would constantly try to keep himself/herself occupied with some kind of work or the other, mainly to avoid feeling restless and jittery. He/she would resort to talking to himself/herself, would mutter words to himself/herself, would keep on ordering and reordering things around the house and workplace, and would keep on collecting old containers or newspapers even though he/she does not need them.

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