5 Things Men Should Know About Their Bodies

We men might not be as concerned about our looks and our bodies as women are in general, but when it comes to our sexual health and manhood, we are extremely particular about things. All men want to feel sexually powerful and potent. However, there are some questions about our own bodies that we do not have answers to. Some of these questions may be very common such as why we get the morning wood or a boner when we wake up in the morning, or why does it hurt so hard when our testes get hurt or does our sperm count reduces when we wear a tight fitting jeans and underwear. We, as guys at least must know the answers to such questions. It also makes us more confident about our bodies and removes common doubts. In the video you are going to see here, there are some very simply explained scientific reasons why men’s bodies are the way they are. There is one thing for sure- you are going to get rid of a few insecurities that may have been pestering you about your body, but you have not had anybody to give you proper knowledge about the same.