5 Tips And Advise On Teenage Dating

Teen dating is an amazing and fun time. It is a kind of social experimentation for them and a time to check, what kind of partners are appealing to them and how to negotiate a romantic rapport and understanding. It can also build up their self confidence and they get an opportunity to learn about the dating techniques.

They also learn to be both compromising and assertive, which is a kind of practice session to find Miss. or Mr. Right. However, this phase can be difficult as well as confusing for both parents and the teens.

5 Tips And Advise On Teenage Dating

More often, it is seen that teens start dating without any preliminary talk with their parents and this could get them in trouble. Hence, as a parent it is our responsibility to talk to our children and educate them on how to respect one another, how to date and how to defend themselves from physical and emotional hurt.

Tips And Advice On Teenage Dating

Be An Excellent Role Model

Your relationship, love and bond with your partner speak louder than the words. This is an exemplar for how your teenager conducts themselves with others. Give them an idea about how you give and expect admiration and respect, compromise and disagree and argue, but still love your partner.

Advise Them To Take Note Of Their Inner Voice

Tell them to pay attention to their inner voice and advise them to believe in their decision. Guide them on how to keep away from unwanted sexual advances. Inform your daughters that indulging in sex doesn’t make them cool and advise your teen son that having sex will not make him a man.

Caution Them About The Signs Of Danger

Being verbally abused, manipulated, slapped or pushed and kept away from other relationships all indicate an abusive relationship.

5 Tips And Advise On Teenage Dating

Ensure that both your daughter and son understand this and if they feel oppressed or threatened by their girlfriend or boyfriend they need to contact the counselor/parent/teacher.

No, Means No

Teens have to be clear and honest in their communications. A girl saying, “I am not Sure….” May actually imply, “ I need to be forced or pushed some more to say okay” to her boyfriend. So, advice them to say a clear and firm “No”, if the answer is “No” from a girl, boys shouldn’t proceed further and in case they do, it is considered as rape.

Sex Talk

It is necessary for teens to think critically about sexual intimacy and what it actually means to them. Boys should be informed not to attempt a thousand different ways to have sex, whereas a girl must know that sex is not needed to keep a guy. Many youngsters remain under an impression that anal sex and oral sex is not really sex.

They need to be informed that these are also different forms of sex. Besides this, they must be educated about sexually transmitted diseases and contraception. Encourage your children to approach you in case there is any conflict or question regarding this. Try to discuss the issue, rather than giving a speech about it.

Every parent wants their teen to be secure and safe. So, teach them about the significance of self-worth and look forward to the best, be prepared for the nastiest and last but not the least be there for your teen.