5 Tips For Overweight Men To Dress Well

Tips For Overweight Men To Dress Well

Nowadays obesity is a very common health problem.No matter how old are you, you can be a little chubbier than ‘fit’ looking people or very overweight.The problem sometimes lies in our food habit, daily health maintenance, lack of physical activities or a general health problem like thyroid malfunction.Whatever the reason, you cant just shrug off obesity because it becomes a part of you.But, hey, don’t think too much.You can look as nice and attractive even with a chubby figure with a few little corrections about the way you dress.

Here Are Tips For Overweight Men To Dress Well

Don’t Think About Your Body Too Much

You are fat, everyone knows it.Every single one who looks at you knows it.So what can you do? Thinking about it wont change the fact that you are fat.Instead you will try to pull your belly in and that will result a bending of your spinal cord which in return will make you look like a hunchback.You dont wanna do that.So what you do is keep straight,keep your shoulders straight and back, stand erect and be easy.Don’t pay heed to your belly.A straight and confident man will always look handsome no matter how big your belly is.

Don't Think About Your Body Too Much

Try Vertical Stripes And Dark Colour

Always try to wear shirts with vertical stripes.It creats an illusion which makes you look taller and straighter than you are.If you look taller you will look less fat.Now, you can apply the same rule in case of trousers.Wear trousers with pin stripes, which are really cool and smart too.Also, dark coloured clothes make you look a lot slimmer than you are.But if you are very oversized in the top then try dark coloured shirts with light coloured pants.This combination will do even better.

wear dark clothes

Garments Size

Always wear an upper body garment i.e. shirt,t-shirt, fitting to your size.Dont go for a loose and baggy shirt to feel comfortable, it will make you look chubbier.Try a little undersized t-shirts, for example if your normal t-shirt size is XXL, you should try to wear a XL size t-shirt.It will feel tight but your fat wont show from outside and you will be able to look a lot slimmer.In case of wearing a formal shirt try to wear an undershirt or vest which is fitting to your body.It will also help you keeping the posture right and straight.In case of lower garments, i.e. trousers, jeans, the rule is opposite.Don’t wear undersized trousers.It will make your waist bulge and you’ll feel so uncomfortable that regular everyday work will become a challenging thing to do.

wear loose clothes

Go To A Tailor

If you want to wear cotton trousers,formal suit pants or formal shirts then go to a good tailor.Readymade clothes dont always fit as good as the tailor made clothes.If you buy a readymade cloth then too you can go to a tailor and make adjustments according to your body shape.It will take a little extra time and money but at the end of the day you will look good and that is very important.

Go To A Tailor

Wear A Belt

Always wear a waist belt.Whether you are tucking in the shirt or leaving it open a belt helps both in making you look fit and keeping your posture correct.A wide,strong and rugged belt will work better than a thin belt.Also, wear the belt tightly.

Wear A Belt

Hopefully these 5 tips will come good for you and next time when you’ll go out to attend a party or enter your office, people will turn their heads to look at you.They will wonder, how changed a man you are.Good Luck!