5 Ways To Make Your Penis Strong

Size does matters. How many times have both men and women discussed and worried about the package they either have or they wish their partners would have. Believe it or not, a research shows that almost 73% of men love when their partners brag about their size and how long did they last in a day before love conquest to their friends.

But no one has ever decoded the perfect one size fits all solution. It’s more like the bigger the better. If you too have always longed to have a bigger penis and rock your partner’s world read on to rule the roost.

5 Ways To Make Your Penis Strong

5 Ways To Make Your Penis Strong

Lifestyle Changes

Are you a party animal? Sleeping late, sharing fags, glugging hookahs and getting sloshed is your routine; it’s high time to bring on some lifestyle changes in your life. After all small changes can bring in big results in your sex life. Smoking, consuming high amounts of alcohol, doing drugs, having a haphazard sleep pattern

can all induce irreversible damage not only to your libido but your penis also. Researchers have proved the fact that alcohol reduces our sexual prowess and can also shrink our penis, bring in erection problems. Reconsider your party plans and opt for better options to unwind and relax.

Super Foods

You may be a very diet conscious man but most of us unintentionally undermine the value of including some specific foods in our diet. Coffee, Oysters, nuts and seeds, bananas, Chillies, salmon, pork, Cherries, Onions, porridge, oats, whole grains, little wine can actually act as the interface for great penis health and actually improve our sex lives by leaps and bounds by helping in harder erections naturally.

Reduce unnecessary sugars from your diet and increase the intake of egg whites too.  If this is what you’ve been dreaming about start inculcating these in your diet and see the difference.

5 Ways To Make Your Penis Strong

Pump It Up

Exercising goes a long way not only in promoting your health but managing your bodily functions properly so that the right organs work at the right time without any glitches and you reach heights of orgasm when required. Also, exercise keeps stress away from your body which is a great obstacle which most people face when they have to perform in bed.

It actually makes you accept your body and you eventually find yourself more attractive and presentable to your partner boosting the libidos automatically.

Helping Hand

A helping hand always comes in handy whenever you want to test your performance in bed. This has been the tool for many since ages now. You must have learnt the benefits of masturbation long ago but there are some things which you might not know. If you really want to outdo your previous performances and enhance your sex life you need to have better and longer erections.

You can make your penis really strong if you have control over it, masturbate till you reach an orgasm and don’t ejaculate; try to do it 2-3 times once in every 2-3 days, slowly you will get a control over your penis making it stronger. You can also master Kegal exercises which entails cutting off urine while urinating, it too helps in making your pelvis stronger.

Supplements And Herbs

You can try herbs like Shilajit and Ashwagandha which are known for increasing the sexual prowess in men. Also, you can take zinc supplements and other multivitamins as they help in providing the body with all required nutrients and minerals for its proper functioning.

Just make sure that you don’t overdo these and take a doctor’s recommendation before opting for over the counter drugs. You can always use  the above mentioned formulas to succeed in satisfying yourself and your partner in bed, making your penis stronger. But you still need to remember that you have to be satisfied with what you have and use it to the best.

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