5 Ways To Prevent Heart Attacks

5 Ways To Prevent Heart Attacks

Millions of people all around the world get killed by heart attack every year and unfortunately the number may keep on increasing because of the modern lifestyle with very less physical activities and unhealthy eating habits.

However, with the help of many effective ways, you can prevent yourself from getting a heart attack and also stay healthy. Here are the 5 best ways to prevent heart attacks:

5 Best Ways To Prevent Heart Attacks

Increase Your Exercise

Physical activities or regular exercise can prevent many health disorders and also helps your body to stay in shape and fit. For heart patients, a regular exercise of 30 minutes every day or at least 3 times a week can be very helpful.


However, this doesn’t mean that you need to involve yourself in some rigorous workouts every day since,a daily 2mile walk will also benefit you as much as a 30minute exhaustive exercise. Latest studies reveals that, if you can make your heart rate go up even by 20 or 30 percent than the normal rate or resting levels then you can considerably decrease your poor cardiovascular condition.

Cut Down The Intake Of Salt

Salt makes your body prone to heart diseases and so it is very necessary for heart patients to keep an eye on their everyday salt intake.However, cutting down on table salt is not enough as sodium found in processed foods can also be as harmful as common table salt.

salty food

So, for better results, you not only need to reduce the intake of table salt but also avoid eating processed foods.

Benefits Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids, also known as essential fatty acids or fish oils are extremely beneficial for your heart. The anti-inflammatory qualities of these essential fatty acids can improve the condition of your blood vessels and also your digestive health to a great extent.

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However, for more effective results, try to consume omega-3 fatty acids from clean sources like fish that are not raised in farm and also high quality fish oils.

Eating Green Vegetables

A healthy diet is the foundation of a healthy heart. Consuming plenty of lean protein, vegetables, good fats and high fiber will help in proper functioning of your cardiovascular system.Green leafy vegetables like broccoli,mustard green and spinach are rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc and also various other vitamins.

Get Your Diet On Track

Having these vegetables in 2 or 3 servings per day can protect your heart from various heart diseases and also helps in improving your blood circulation system.

Necessity Of Vitamin D

To keep your heart healthy,higher level of vitamin D is very necessary and it has been proved that plenty of vitamin D in your body can improve the functioning of your cardiovascular organs.Although it is well-known that 20 minutes of exposure in the sun daily can help you gain enough amount of vitamin D but for benefiting your heart, a daily supplement of vitamin D is also necessary.

vitamin e

The above mentioned ways have been proved to be very promising in preventing your body from getting a heart attack and besides this, it will also help your body to stay fit and ward off various other health disorders.