5 Ways To Satisfy A Woman In Bed

5 Ways to Satisfy A Woman in Bed Knowing what a woman is satiated with a man is a wonder. Being a woman myself I can guarantee its no riddle if a man is honest in his moves. When a man tries too hard to satisfy his lady, chances are that he will get caught. No one can sense consciousness in bed better than a woman.

So it is imperative that a man lets go of his inhibitions and plunges in. Take time to delve into passion. The secret of satisfying a woman lies within your emotions that she is very much able to sense.

Best Ways To Satisfy A Woman In Bed


It is a fundamental and a vital part of making love. Foreplay is important in the sense that you need to get your woman prepared for some sensual activity. If you go straight to the act and skip the foreplay, you will end up giving your lady the idea that you are desperate to have sex.


Go slow on her, take time to undress her. Before you move on to the erogenous zones like her breasts, take some time to move around the rest of her body. Kiss her gently around her and slowly increase your passion while kissing her.

Talking in Bed

Converse with her but do not just talk dirty, get your woman to talk about her feelings. Let her show you the way into satisfying her. Ask her questions about making love to you.

Tell her what you like about her body and be honest. But being honest does not mean tell her how ugly her feet are. That will just turn her off. She may throw you off the bed and walk out the door. Not every woman likes talking dirty so never force her to talk.

Hit the G spot

Now that is a mystery in itself. How would one know where a women’s G spot is? It is for a fact that, most of the times even the ladies are unaware of it. Take advantage of such situations and experiment.

Hit the G spot

Take different postures but not the ones that she is uncomfortable in. Ask her what her favorite position in bed is. This always works as that is the position she is full of her passion in and the possibility of striking her G spot would be soaring.


The longer you last the better for her. Most women fake an orgasm. This happens when the man first has his orgasm and the lady still is not that aroused to have hers.

Play with her until she gives in. Make sure you do not ooze out first. Let her take her time and enjoy the motion. Change your pace from time to time; this would not only let you relax but also get her into the mood.


If you imagined that your moves in bed would be enough to satisfy a woman’s endless desires then you are wrong.


Most women complain about how their man after having his orgasm slept off or just got up and got dressed.

If you really want the woman to be satisfied with love making, then after sex lie beside her. Take her into your arms and sleep off. Look deep into her eyes and kiss her when you are holding her. These factors would definitely satisfy your woman.