5 Ways To Satisfy Her After You’ve Peaked

Ways To Satisfy Her After You've Peaked This article describes 5 Ways to Satisfy Her after You’ve Peaked and you can easily follow these tips. After sex techniques will help to improve relationship and would also help to improve your vitality.

The techniques mentioned in this article are also meant to increase sexual stamina and would also help in multiple sex sessions.

Step One: Kiss Her Passionately

You should kiss her passionately after you have peaked. You should start from her ankle and should go through her inner thigh region to her belly region. You should then start licking her navel part and you should start kissing her like a wave and should suck her breast region.

You should then massage her chest using your tongue and you should roll your tongue over her neck part. Then you should suck her lips and eye lids before stroking her hair.

Step Two: Do Variety Oral Sex With Her

You should try acrobatic oral sex with her to help her peak and get sexual arousal after you have peaked. You should lift her in bed and you should place her legs over your neck region. You should start sucking her vaginal region as you suck ice cream. You should hold her stronger so that she would relax with your advances.

You should then make her lie on bed with her legs spread wide apart and you should start rubbing your nose on her vaginal wall. Then you should help her in pulling her knees to her chin area and you should start licking her vaginal area.

You can insert your finger inside her vagina and you should rub her vaginal juice over her clitoris. You should start licking her by making her stand in doggie style and since she is unable to see you, the pleasure of oral sex is great in this position.

Step Three: Insert Your Penis Once Again

You should insert your penis once again to her vagina and you should start slow thrust with her. You should start kissing her erogenous zones and you should look at pleasuring her as you have already peaked once.

You should look at ways to hit her G-spot and look at maximizing her pleasure by licking her clitoris. You should make her squirm in delight in this phase.

Step Four: Stay Together

You should roll on bed together at this stage and then you should make her lie in bed with legs spread wide. You should kiss her in an angled position and make sure that you press her body down.

You should start rubbing your penis on outer vaginal walls and make her lift her buttocks. After staying in air for some seconds, you should ask her to bring her buttocks back to bed and repeat the process once again. That would give sexual stimulation to her and would help in her masturbation.

Step Five: Enjoy the Relaxation Process

You should enjoy the relaxation process with her by kissing her and holding her close to your body. You can massage her in this stage and sleep together at this stage.

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